Broaster Chicken, Amanora. 

Well, don’t go by the name ‘Broaster Chicken’ because they have a lot to offer to the vegetarian folks too.

Broaster Chicken needs no introduction. They have been in the market for more than 60 years now. Where did they get their name from? Well, the equipment that they use for the preparation of food is known as ‘Broaster Fryer’. Thus they named it ‘Broaster Chicken’ and ‘Chicken’ because they mostly pressure cook chicken in the fryer. So what does broasting mean? Broasting, is a unique cooking method developed in 1954, which combines the principles of a pressure cooker and a deep fryer into one process.

And because it is pressure fried, it is more tender and juicier and tastes better than open fried chicken. Pressure frying uses a sealed, pressurized environment, like a pressure cooker. Thus pressure frying decreases oil absorption and also results in extending the oil’s useful life and reducing oil costs. And due to pressure frying there is no flavor transfer and there is a proper distribution of heat, thus resulting in faster and more even cooking.

So what all did I try?


1. Chul Bul

2. Bul Bul

3. Coco Mango Mojito

Fried Chicken

1. Assorted Chicken Wings

This one has 6 different varieties of chicken like –

a) Kung Pao – Szechuan inspired chicken dish which is spicy and slightly sweet but is incredibly delicious.

b) Smoked Bbq and glazed mushrooms – Finely chopped mushrooms in bbq sauce, the dish had a good flavor of mushroom but on the other hand had very less or no bbq flavor to it.

c) Narangi chicken – Narangi means orange and this one was tangy and spicy. Ahh… What a deadly combination.

d) Kasundi chicken- This dish totally does justice to it’s name. Strong flavor of kasundi and to balance it, is slightly tossed in a sweet sauce.

e)  Curried bbq – This one is sweet with bbq smoke flavor. Loved the smoky flavor.

f) Butter garlic wings – I loved this one. I was expecting this one in the regular cheese sauce but to my surprise, it came in a white sauce. A really new concept. #HighlyRecommended.

2. Hot Masala Chicken, Legendary Chicken and Happy Fried Chicken – All of these are prepared in their in house sauces and marinades, making them stand apart from the others. Your visit to Broaster Chicken is incomplete without trying these.

3. Punjabi Tadka Pasta – Serving pasta with a twist to it is the new sexy but I found this one just okayish. Maybe because i’ve had better?

4. Lamb Rogan Josh Burger – Well, i’ve just had the Rogan Josh curry till date but this time I tried a burger. Rogan Josh Burger! The meat is cooked nicely and the lamb is tender and juicy. I personally loved the smoky flavor that the patty had and that’s the beauty of this burger. And hey! Did I mention that it is pink in color? 😍

5. Ghotala Khichdi – There was definitely some ghotala with this khichdi. It had alot of garam masala to it and the after taste was not so good. Thus, i’d give this one a miss.

6. Cheese and lemon peppery flavored red chicken served with butter garlic – This one makes for a perfect meal. These guys are really good with their cheesy – oozy items. Grilled chicken drizzled with cheese sauce ❤ comes with a small portion of rice, fries and salad. #HighlyRecommended #Yummy.


1. Chocolate Samosas with mango ice cream – Somehow, I didn’t like the concept. And the pairing of mango ice cream with chocolate is somewhat weird. How about giving you a choice of ice cream that you want with the samosas?

2. Caramel Molten Lava – This one was decent but I couldn’t taste caramel sauce at all. All I could taste is chocolate and chocolate sauce.

Freak Shake

1. Chocolate Wreck –  Freak shakes are meant to be fancy and messy, right? This beauty does justice to its name. Loaded with chocolate bars, candies, cookies this one is love! But a little more chocolate or nutella in the shake would be great. A little more chocolate never harmed anyone, right? 😉

A big thank you to Saurabh and Team Broaster Chicken for inviting me and being a fabulous host.



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