Where Else Cafe : Salunkhe Vihar. 

WHERE ELSE CAFE is the brainchild of siblings Daisy and Ardesh and best friends Amritha and Sweta. So when we asked Sweta about why and how they came up with the name ‘Where Else Cafe’, she said, ‘Its a funny story’. All of us were drunk and were craving for some yummy food, so we ordered for some food but it turned out to be disappointing, so one of us said that we should start with our own restaurant (and we left it there, since we were drunk). But then when one of us visited a couple of places in the vicinity, he didn’t like the food. Where the food was good, the ambience was just average and when everything was in place the rates were very high. It was then, when they took this thing of starting a cafe very seriously. And then they started planning about what to serve, the name of the cafe etc. So when it came to naming the restaurant, one of them said, ‘Let’s name it as ‘Where Else Cafe’. So the idea behind naming it Where Else Cafe is that we generally use this word if we plan to meet someone. For example, If someone asks, Aaj kahan mile? (Where should we catch up?). So people generally say ‘Where Else’ but XYZ place. So these guys named the cafe itself as ‘Where Else Cafe’. 

And being residents of Viman Nagar, they have witnessed the growth in the food scenes and most importantly, they wanted to start something in their own locality. So that is how ‘Where Else Cafe’ opened their very first cafe in Viman Nagar. This 2 year old place is doing extremely well. And after receiving so much love from people, they thought of giving back some by opening up a new outlet in Salunkhe Vihar. I was lucky enough to have witnessed their launch and I also got a chance to sample a couple of their items from their launch menu.


1. Rich Hot Cocoa/ Chocolate – Well, I’m in love with their hot chocolate. I think the word, ‘Rich Chocolate’ says it all. It’s so thick and the texture is nice and creamy. Not the milky one. They do have milky hot chocolate, middle hot chocolate and thick hot chocolate. I tried their thick hot chocolate. Definitely value for money. Pure bliss ❤ #HighlyRecommended #JerlynRecommends.

2. Iced Tea – The iced tea was just okayish. Nothing great about it.


1. Cheese Jalapeno Bombs – I can bet! I can simply bet that these are the best cheese jalapeno balls that I have had till date. Yes! I have had these at so many places but nothing, I repeat, nothing can beat these. Extremely cheesy, the cheese was actually oozing out of it. Just perfect! #HighlyRecommended #JerlynRecommends.

2. Honey Chilli Potatoes – I found the potatoes to be a little over cooked but the sauce was really good. Had the potatoes been a little more crispy and cooked properly, it would’ve made a huge difference.

3. Cheesy Nachos with lamb and chicken mince – The nachos were good. The cheese sauce was perfect but somehow I liked the chicken nachos over the lamb ones.

4. Cheese Chilli Toast – These were really different, not the regular ones. Toast topped with veggies and cheese (not gooey) and then fried. These were okayish.


1. Chicken Club Sandwich – This one had veggies and chicken to it. Do not expect chunks of chicken or slices. Their style of serving this one is different. The sandwich is filled with veggies and chicken which looks more like anda bhurji. So what do u call it? Chicken Bhurji? Ahh… Well, naam mein kya rakha hai? I quite liked this one though.

2. Bbq Chicken Sandwich – I found this one to be sweet, maybe they used alot of sauce? No doubt the chicken in it had a nice smoky flavor to it but excessive use of sauce killed the flavor, making it taste sweet. A little less sauce should work and tadaaa, this is going to be a super hit!


1. Crispy Herbed Chicken Burger – Well, all their burgers are just basic burgers according to me. I don’t why, somehow they are not doing justice to these. The patties and the sauces are very basic and that is how the ‘Wow’ factor goes missing.


1. Mac n Cheese Chicken – Perfect is the word. The sauce was creamy and not thick like a paste. Now let the picture talk?

2. Kheema Pav – To be quite honest, I’ve had better ones. Not that, that this one wasn’t good but maybe I am used to having it at a particular place and have somehow developed a liking for that. But i’m sure you will like it. No harm in giving it a try, right?


1. Rich Chocolate Mousse – These guys are really good with their chocolate items and when they say ‘Rich’, they mean it. Served in a cute looking shot glass, this beauty is thick and chocolaty and topped with whipped cream. Ahhhh….. Droolicious!!

2. Tres Leches – As everyone knows Tres Leches is made from 3 types of milks, evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream with vanilla sponge. This was decent.

A big thank you to Rohit and Team Where Else for inviting us and hosting us.

Wish this baby all the best!

P.S – I was on a sugar high as I had loads and loads of Hot Chocolate and yes they also gave me a cute looking mug.

Picture Credits – Ajay Khare Khot Photograph. 

Find him on Instagram – @ajaykhotphotography


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