Hit the GONG!! BHS, Baner. 

GONG – Where clean eating meets artistry. 

Gong –  Modern Asia, takes the Pune food scenes to the next level. Gong – Modern Asia, with uber chic interiors is a typical Pan Asian fine dine restaurant. The Asian and sophisticated style of this restaurant creates a rare atmosphere and the over all look of the restaurant is influenced by Japanese Temples.

So we started with

1. Amuse Bouche – By now everyone knows what amuse bouche is and different restaurants follow different concepts and their style of serving these also varies from place to place. This particular one was a cranberry sphere with basil crumble, was more like a jelly, followed by kaffir lime tofu. The tofu was a little spicy, totally unexpected.

2. Malaya Spiced Melon – Made from watermelon and ginger, it has a strong flavor of ginger which balances the sweetness of the drink.

3. Jade Spring – This one is extremely refreshing. Ohh and the mint flavor is ❤

4. Spider Roll – Now that i have developed a liking for sushi, I love them. This one is made from golden fried crab sticks, nori, rice, spicy mayonnaise. #MustTry.

5. Ebi Tempura Roll – Ebi Tempura Roll is my all time favorite. Crunchy shrimp, tongarashi, wrapped in a sushi roll. My favorite!

6. Asparagus Sushi – This one is made in their Chef’s special sauce. Try it out for yourself?

7. Chicken Popcorn – These were disappointing as they weren’t crunchy. Diced chicken, batter fried and dry red chillies and finished with Sichuan Dust.

8. Cashewnuts – Cashewnuts deep fried and tossed in sweet chilli glaze and topped with golden shallots. I found these to be sweet but then when I asked the chef, if it is supposed to be this sweet then he said yes this is one of their signature dishes.

9. Prawn Har Gao Red Curry Dumplings – Har Gao is a traditional Cantonese dumpling. The skin is thin and translucent, yet sturdy enough not to break when picked up with chopsticks. But I like my dumplings with minced meat and not a stuffing which is so creamy.

10. Edamame and Truffle Dumplings – Edamame dumplings in which the vegetables become a velvety puree tinged with white truffle oil. But again i love those dumplings which have minced veggies or meat and not a puree.

11. Chicken Basil Dumpling – Ohh these babies. I love them. How could they let me go without serving me something which i love the most? Yes! These are my kinda dumplings with minced meat ❤

12. Chicken Satay – Chicken strips marinated in spices and finished with peanut butter, comes on a satay stick. These were decent.

13. Pickled Pepper Chicken – Diced chicken made in oyster sauce and black pepper. We licked down everything in no time. #Recommended.

14. Crispy Lotus Stem – I didn’t like this, maybe because i’ve had better ones in the past?

15. Khow Suey Chicken – This one had the flat noodles prepared in coconut, broth and is served with accompaniments. A must try.

16. Edamame Truffle Rice with Chicken Hot Pot – Chicken Hot Pot made in Sichuan style, goes well with truffle rice.


Their desserts are AMAZINGLY AWESOME. 
1. Chocolate Dome – Well i’ve had drunken Chocolate Dome earlier but this one is simply sinfully chocolaty. Chocolate dome with warm chocolate sauce, brownie, vanilla ice cream, noodles and caramelized popcorn. Aahhh…. Droolicious. #HighlyRecommended.

2. Forest By Night – Dark chocolate tree log filled with chocolate mousse, chocolate soil, raspberry coulis and gel and mint leaves. Again this one is a must have item ❤

3. Rambutan – Rambutan is a fruit. They serve this fruit with vanilla ice cream and ofcourse, how can you miss the dry ice drama 😉

A big thank you to Team Gong for inviting us and hosting us.



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