Bubble Rush. M.G. Road.

Bubble Tea is my new found love! Bubble tea is also known as pearl milk tea, bubble milk tea, boba juice or simply bobi.
It is called bubble tea not because it has bobas to it but because of the bubbles formed in the drink due to vigorous shaking. The bobas in bubble tea are made of Tapioca balls which are chewy but a wide range of other options are also used to add similar texture to the drink.

So how i discovered this place? A foodie friend told me about this place, saying, ‘this place is really good and you should try it’. And since this place is situated on M.G. Road, I went there the very next day.

This was the first time I tried Bubble Tea, so I was a bit skeptical and also excited at the same time. So, I walked in confused and took a look at the menu. They have 3 sections – Milk Bubble Tea, Fruit Bubble Tea and Smoothies. After reading for quite sometime, I finally decided and ordered for a Watermelon Bubble Tea. The guy at the counter adds alot of things to the cocktail shaker and hands over me this cute looking glass with pearls in it ❤

One sip and I had made up my mind, this place is for me. Then after this, I visited this place couple of times and after a few days Mr. Saurabh Gupta, gets in touch with me and sends me an invite for a tasting ❤ to which i agreed immediately.

So we started off with

1. Taro Milk with Tapioca Pearls – Firstly, for the ones who don’t know what Taro is –  Taro is the underground tuber section of a plant called Aracaea who also grows edible heart shaped leaves. This one is my second favorite drink. This one is the proper Bubble Tea with chewy Tapioca pearls. It’s not very sweet, just the way i like it.

2. Oreo Delight – The name says it all, isn’t it? A fancy looking shake but i found this a tad too sweet for my liking. If you have a sweet tooth then you’ll definitely like it.

3. Watermelon Fruit Bubble Tea – This one is my top pick from all the items out of their menu. Absolutely refreshing ❤

4. Strawberry Fruit Bubble Tea – This one was decent.

5. Honeydew Milk Bubble Tea – First of all this drink has got to do nothing with honey. Do not expect honey in the drink. This one comes in a milk base with black bobas to it, not very sweet.

6.Mango with Lychee Bubbles – I found this one to be way too sweet for my liking.

P.S – It’d be really nice if these guys introduce some savory items in their menu. Like – Sandwiches, fries, nuggets and burgers.

A big shoutout to Mr. Saurabh Gupta and Team Bubble Rush for inviting us and hosting us.

Picture Credits – Siddharth Gujar aka Sidfrompune



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