Teppanyaki Festival at Panash, Four Points by Sheraton. 

Dining out in Japan is expensive (especially in Tokyo) but how about experiencing the same cuisine in our own city? Confused?? Panash  is hosting the ‘Teppanyaki Festival’ from 1st July – 10th July.

Now a little, just a little about Japanese Cuisine – The Japanese are among the most enthusiastic and passionate of any race when it comes to food. Most of the cities in Japan arw known first and foremost  for their local speciality, whether it be a type of sweet, fish, noodle, seaweed or tofu etc. Preparation and meticulous presentation are crucial elements of Japanese Cuisine.

To add contrast to the food, simple condiments are often added to enhance the flavors. Light dipping sauces, citrus, miso, wasabi, pickles and soy sauce maybe included with the course.

Teppanyaki  – The word Teppanyaki is derived from teppan, which means iron plate and yaki means grilled, boiled or panfried (Wikipedia).

Talking about food :-

1. Earl Grey Ice Tea – I have had the hot Earl Grey Tea and i fell in love with it instantly but this was the first time that I had an Earl Grey Ice Tea. Bright, citrus-y and refreshing, this tea is the next level of Earl Grey! Makes for a fabulous thirst quencher.

2. Amuse Bouche – By now everyone knows that Amuse Bouche can be anything that is offered to person when he/ she enters. This could be a welcome drink, mishti doi, a jelly. This depends from place to place. Well, this one was really interesting. A deep fried shell, filled with sauteed veggies like peas, carrots etc and finished with spices. I loved this one ❤

3. Prawn Crackers (Wafers) – Now who doesn’t like crackers? I still remember the first time I had it at a friend’s place (who is from Darjeeling) I was gaga about it. This one reminded me of those days. Pure bliss! If you’ve not had these, you are missing out on so much.

4. Spicy Salmon Roll – I quite like the flavor of this one. A delectable combination of salmon and spicy Japanese mayonnaise. The crunchy covering on the seaweed gets it’s kick from a hot chilli sauce or soy sauce.

5. Vegetable Tempura Roll – Well I didn’t like this one much. Maybe because i liked the Salmon Roll more. But no harm in trying this one though.

6. Miso Soup – Made from dashi, soyabean paste and finished with tofu and spring onion greens. This was the very first time i had it so would not pass any judgement.

7. Japanese Chicken Clear Soup – This one was very light and aromatic with diced chicken, tofu and veggies. Simple and decent.

8. Chicken Teriyaki – Now this one was from the Teppan, made right in front of us. Chicken cubes grilled and then prepared with soy sauce, water, sugar and mirin. The sauce was so thick and went well with the jasmine rice and noodles. Among the rice and noodles, i liked the noodles.

9. Prawns and Veggies from the Teppan – Both the items very fantastic. Surprisingly, I liked the veggies more than the prawns. Stir fried veggies here are ❤ (Sorry couldn’t capture these)

10. Fried Papaya and Mayo with Vanilla Ice Cream – I didn’t like the combination of fries papaya with ice cream. Maybe because this was the first time I ate fried papaya. But try it out, you never know, you may like it.

A big thank you to Dev and Janhavi for inviting us and hosting us.

Picture Credits – Siddharth Gujar. 



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