On Fire. Wakad. 

I don’t know why this place is named as On Fire, but the moment I entered, i saw a few shots in the bar which were literally On Fire (Picture attached below).

Looking at this i was really excited and was looking forward to try out their offerings.
By the time i reached, my friend had already started having their mocktails and asked me to order one for myself quickly. The fire thing had grabbed my attention and I said, ‘I want to try out that particular one’. And then when i asked the bartender what is the name of this one? He said, ‘On Fire Shooters’. These are non alcoholic shots. Just a concoction of mixed fruit juices and by the way the fire has got to do nothing with the taste. It is just to grab the attention of the crowd and they have nailed it.


1. Loaded Chicken Nachos – My new found love. I simply love nachos. Let me tell you, the quantity is huge but we found the cheese sauce was very little but when we asked them for some more they happily gave us and told us some people prefer it this way but we can always give you some extra sauce. #Recommended.

2. Cheese Balls with Broccoli – Ahh… The moment I read broccoli I didn’t want to order it but since my friend was very keen on trying this one I gave into it. And when i tried these, woah. Gooey and extremely cheesy with grated broccoli. I’m glad that my friend ordered this one and forced me to try it. #HighlyRecommended.

3. Texas Hot BBQ Wings – These were really good but the only thing that we felt while having this one is that had a flavor of fish oil. Yes. I know it sounds little weird but it has a flavor of fish oil and it was something that put us off.

4. Cheesy Garlic Prawns – Excellent is the word to describe this dish. Want to know why? This dish lived upto its name. Prawns on satay sticks dipped into lots of liquid cheese. It was super cheesy and flavorful and to make it even better they gave us some extra cheese sauce. #HighlyRecommended

5. Tandoori Pomfret – Beautifully plated tandoori fish was done nicely. So squeeze some lemon on it and start hogging.

6. Chicken Momo – Their momos are a huge disappointment. The covering is very thick and the filling wasn’t juicy at all. It was dry. So wouldn’t recommend this item.

7. Mexican Fried Grill Chicken – This item was totally worth the trip. I would not mind travelling a distance of 40kms for this particular item. It was so good. Even though it was spicy but I still wanted to have more and more. #HighlyRecommended #JerlynRecommends.


1. Wine Cheese Broccoli – These guys are really good with their broccoli dishes. We were really excited to see how they’ve made use of broccoli in the soup and when it arrived we kept gazing at it. The combination of wine and cheese is amazing and the broccoli is the hero of this soup. #Recommended.
2. Beijing Dumpling Soup – This one was a sheer disappointment. Disappointment is also a small word. It didn’t taste good at all. The dumpling wasn’t cooked properly. I could hold it in my mouth for 5 seconds. Would not recommend this one.

1. Alfredo Pasta – This one was decent. The white sauce was a little thick but taste wise it was good. No harm in trying this one.

2. Khow Suey – Well to be very honest, my expectations were a little too high. I didn’t like this one maybe because i’ve had better? But you can try this one.


1. Fried Ice Cream – This one is a plain simple fried ice cream. Comes with a choice of 2 flavors of ice cream. I personally didn’t like the combination of chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce but it went well with the vanilla ice cream.


1. Pinacolada

2. Orange Creamsicle

A big thank you to team On Fire for inviting us and hosting us.

Picture Credits – Siddharth Gujar aka SidfromPune. 
Follow his journey on – http://www.sidfrompune.com 


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