Burger & Shakes Fiesta at 212 All Day Cafe Bar. Viman Nagar. 


212 All Day Cafe & Bar, is located at Phoenix Mall in Viman Nagar. The place is nicely done with interiors Oh so cool with the use of vibrant colors like green, blue and white and these colors make the place look really lively.

Has anyone ever thought why they have named this place as 212 All Day Cafe & Bar? And why the number 212?  Well, even i am unaware of the reason but when i read a bit on the net and discovered that 212  is nothing but the area code of most of the borough of Manhattan in New York.  Yes! One of the most romantic cities.

 Svetlana Savant (Carpe Diem), invited me for a tasting of their limited period Burger and Shakes Fiesta. This was the first ever bloggers table arranged for this fiesta.

Chef Paul Kinny & Chef Varun Gulati have kept in mind the needs of both – vegetarians and non – vegetarians and have curated a menu which features never-seen before Burgers And Shakes. And as everyone knows this place has created waves across the city since the time they have launched their Monster Shakes and now they are making things even sweeter by adding 4 Brand New Monster Shakes to their menu which are a perfect accompaniment to the burgers. And when we asked the chef about their bugers, the first thing he said was, ‘We want our burgers to be a meal in itself and these are not the normal burgers which just have huge burger buns with very little filling’. And talking about their burgers, the concept of the burgers is World Cuisine. You find burgers right from Mexico to Thailand and there is something for everyone. Be it kids or adults. They have everything. From Cheese Burgers to Oat Meal Burgers to Pokemon Burgers to Fish n Chips Burgers to Lamb Burgers.

Well let’s get to know more about these Burgers and Shakes.


1. Mac n Cheese Burger (Rs.350) – The proper Mac n Cheese made into a patty and crumb fried and goes well with the multigrain buns because these buns give a different texture all together. This one was pretty decent. And yes one more thing… Crave for a burger and a pasta? Go for this one. Hahaha.

2. Cottage Cheese and Oats Burger (Rs.350)- Cottage cheese and oatmeal patty burger with oats crumble. A very different burger. Generally burgers are coated with bread crumbs but this one is for the health freaks out there. Talking about the sauce, they have used a jerk sauce in this one. Very flavorful and not so spicy and is a yummy treat.

3. Pokemon Burger (Rs.325) – When i saw this one, i was like yay! It took me back to my childhood days were used books which had these cute looking cartoon characters. So this one is a star among the kids and the elders for sure. Talking about the burger, a plain simple burger with the regular mayonnaise and mix veg patty. So all the parents who are reading this, go ahead and order one for your kid because it is designed just for them.

4. Lamb Burger (Rs.395) – This one comes with an Asian slaw and has a dressing of peanut and sesame to it and yes the most attractive thing about this burger, the caramelized black bun. Oh wait. Did i tell you it has cheese oozing out of it? I simply loved the texture of this burger. So gooey, so cheesy and extremely juicy. A must try. #HighlyRecommended #JerlynRecommends. 

5. Fish & Chips Burger (Rs.395) – Crumb fried Basa with mustard marination to it with tartar sauce. The mayonnaise has a very Asian touch to it with the slaw having sesame and peanuts with cheddar cheese. I simply enjoyed this one. Very crispy and very light. #MustTry. 

6. Tenderloin Double Cheese Burger (Rs.395) – The meatier, the better. This one has loads of meat and cheese ofcourse. Let the picture talk?

7. The Mexican (Rs.350) – This one has chipotle spiked mayonnaise to it and is very robust, strong and flavorful with a patty made from beans and quinoa. Another healthy burger. I personally don’t enjoy eating beans and all things healthy but if you like beans, then this is the perfect fit for you.

8. Shroom Burger (Rs.350)- Well the name says it all, does it? Yes! It’s a mushroom burger. The top pick of the evening. What A Burger… AHH. Button mushrooms sliced into 2 and then coated with loads and loads of cheese and crumb fried. Apart from this amazing patty in the bun, it also had slaw, a plain simple Italian dressing along with red cabbage and to spike it up, a little barbecue sauce which gives a smoky flavor and goes very well with the mushrooms. Now enough of talking. Go grab yours.

9. Buttermilk Chicken (Rs.375) – Chicken soaked into buttermilk overnight and a very plain simple preparation of salt and pepper with greek feta cheese. So basically a lot to do with dairy items in one single burger, but then who doesn’t like cheese?? A very subtle burger. Loved it!


1. Liquid Snicker (Rs.235) – This one had a very nutty flavor to it. A concoction of hazelnuts, peanut butter, chocolate ice cream and milk. I quite liked this one.

2. Let’s Go Banana (Rs.250)- This was sweet. Well, a little too sweet for my liking. If you love all things sweet. Then go for this one.

3. Hansel & Gretel’s Trail (Rs.235) – This one is pure bliss. Why? This one was so chocolaty and it just get better with the vanilla ice cream, gems and oreo cookies. Loves the texture of this one as it had chocolate bits to it.

4. After 8 (Rs.215) – Don’t know why it is named as After 8 but after i had this one i got a hit of mint. Yes! A lovely pure white shake topped with a scoop of ice cream and that delicate mint leaf. By looking at it you just cannot guess that it has a mint flavor to it. So a total surprise. Go ahead and experience this yourself.

Spotted these lovelies too

A big big big thank you to Svetlana Savant (Carpe Diem) for inviting us and Mr.Kartik Ganesh for hosting us.



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