Mango Mania at Farzi Cafe, Kalyani Nagar. 

One last time for the ones who have missed the Mango Festivals happening across the city and their wish to relish it remained unfulfilled. Here’s a good news for you! Farzi Cafe is still serving Mango Meals till the end of this month. Yes! The festival is called Mango Mania


Farzi Cafe, invited me to try out their offerings in the festival called Mango Mania. 
As everyone knows Farzi Cafe  is known for their unusual combinations and mashups of cuisines. From raw mangoes to the ripe ones, there is a wide variety to choose from. So Mango Mania = Traditional dishes with a twist. 


So we started off with

Amuse Bouche 


1. Green mango and papaya salad with peanut and imli chutney and topped with crispy lotus stem (Rs.255) – This one was really toothsome. Now why toothsome? The combination of crispy lotus stem and peanuts gave the salad the right amount of crunch.

2. Roasted fish tacos, shredded greena, mango salsa (Rs.295) – The taco shells were just perfect and fish with mango was something that i had tried for the first time and i loved it.


1. Raw Mango and Mushroom Kulcha (Rs.315) – I simply love their Kulchas. Be it their margarita kulcha or this one, i have always loved them. Shredded raw mangoes and mushrooms that are mild spicy with tandoori crust and crumbly filling.

2. Ghee podi baby idlis, raw mangoes and cashew nut masala (Rs.290) – This one is just pure comfort food. Idlis tossed in masala and comes with an interesting dip. The dip is to die for.

3. Spiced chicken meatballs, raw mango and cheese core, potato wafers (Rs.385) – Honestly, I didn’t like this one because the chicken and raw mango didn’t go well and talking about cheese, there was very little cheese in it. A little more cheese will definitely make a difference.

4. Ginger and aam papad prawns, sprouts and nut salad (Rs.425) – Delicious! Prawns with ginger and sprouts and nuts. What i loved about this one was the nutty flavor and the oil drizzled on it.


1. Pan tossed aubergine and asparagus, cherry tomatoes and mango masala (Rs.395) – Being a non vegetarian, I don’t really appreciate veg food but this one was droolicious. The mango masala that came along was like a cherry on the cake. Order for paranthas and tadaaaa… You are good to go!

2. Paneer pepper fry, tomato and mango curry, malabari parothas (Rs.415) – Juicy paneer cubes tossed in a sour and spicy mix makes for an amazing dish. Have these with the malabari parothas, trust you’ll fall for this one.

3. Andhra fish curry, raw mango and coconut with steamed rice (Rs.495) – The curry was extremely sour. The sour flavor overpowered all the other elements of the dish but the tandoori fish that came along with the rice was outstanding.

4. Kacchi ambi ki dal, ghee pulao (Rs.350) – Pure bliss. The consistency of the dal was just right and who doesn’t like ghee pulao? Words aren’t enough to describe it. Go try it for yourself.


1. Vanilla pod cheesecake, kesri aamras (Rs.300) – Instead of the regular based they experimented with a brownie base and topped it with cream cheese and finished with aamras but the pairing of brownie didn’t go well with this one. As the brownie in itself has a very strong flavor and the cheese has a very mild flavor, so it overpowers the complete dish.

2. Mango and white chocolate popsicle, fresh mango faluda (Rs.300) – A very hatke combination. Seen something like this for the very first time. Mango ice cream on a stick with white chocolate and garnished with pomegranate pearls. The amount of faluda should be little more to give it that faluda feel. Rest it falls in place, making it a good dessert.

Mocktails and Cocktails

A big thank you to Farzi Cafe for inviting us and hosting us.



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