Coco – Sushi & Bar. Koregoan Park. 

Coco – Sushi & Bar is Pune’s first members only club.  Classy is the word to describe this place. And one thing that is the attraction of this place is their logo – The Bee.  And it sure attracted me too. The Bee,  is their logo and is etched in golden on the tables, entrance and the interiors.

Now talking about members only and how one can become a member. Members Only  because Kunal Mhaske (Owner),  says that, he wants to bring back the clubbing scene which was 10 years ago in Pune. 10 years ago when people visited a night club, they used to spot the similar faces and were assured about their safety and this also helped people to chill in their comfort zone and enjoy their meal at leisure.

And the membership is based on recommendations and if you don’t know anyone who is a member of the club, then you can always get in touch with the club and ask them about the procedure.

Talking about the cuisine, the cuisine is Asian and you can find one of the finest dumplings and sushi’s  in town. The portions are bite-sized. Now why bite-sized portions? The reason behind serving small portion sizes is that one gets to explore and try more of their offerings and all the items too are priced very reasonably (There you go! I just told you another reason that you should be a member).


1. Wakame Salad – Well, everyone knows i’m not a salad person and this one that it had Wakame, there was absolutely no chance that i could like it.

2. Crackling Rice and Chicken Salad – A great combination. Crispy rice and tender chicken made for a mind blowing salad. If at all you are wondering what is crispy rice like? Then let me tell you it is more like crispy fried noodles but these are a little more finer. #MustTry #JerlynRecommends. 

1. Burmese Khow Suey Soup – This one dish is sure to strike every single of  your taste buds with its vibrant flavors! The Burmese Khow Suey soup. Yes! This is like a dream come true. Just the curry (soup here), excluding the nuts, noodles and fried onions. It has an unique texture and a really unforgettable flavor. So go get slurping. #HighlyRecommended #MustTry #JerlynRecommends #Yummilicious. 


1. Spiced Avocado Sushi – An inside out sushi, that is nori wrap around the ingredients inside and sushi rice outside and stuffed with sliced avocado and topped with sriracha and finished with sesame seeds and in house spice mix. Honestly, I’m not an avocado fan. So, I’d give this one a miss.

2. Ebi Sushi Roll – Japanese style prepared shrimps, looked beautiful and tasted even better. Maybe, I’m a bit biased towards this one since it has shrimps to it. Overall, i liked it because of the texture and flavors. #HighlyRecommended. 

4. Chicken Shiitake Dumplings – The best dumplings i’ve ever had till date. Finely chopped shiitake, chicken mince, grated giner…Ahh…. The best part? The chicken was stuffed very generously. The dumplings were nice and juicy and the outer covering was paper thin. Love love love! #HighlyRecommended #JerlynRecommends. 

5. Crispy Lotus Stem – Just the regular lotus stem with honey and chilly glaze. No harm in trying though.

6. Tengra Roast Chicken – A medium spicy preparation of roasted chicken. One thing I didn’t like about this one was that it was way too chewy. Well, i know if it is roasted it is going to be chewy but then somehow I don’t like my meat to be that way. It you love slow roasted meat, then this is for you.

7. Roast Duck – Same is the case with this one. But the dip that comes along with this is simply delish.

8. Chicken wrapped in banana leaves – As we Indians know that some parts in the South, serve food on a banana leaf. Ever wondered why? Well, they say eating food on a banana leaf enhances the taste of the dish and same is the case here. Chicken marinated in a coconutty paste with nuts to it (tasted to me like the dry version of khow suey). But this was cooked really well and is a must try dish.

 9. Dynamite Shrimps – The name itself says it all. A dish that reminded us of our childhood days, when we ate lollipops. Now why lollipops? The presentation of this is somewhat like a lollipop. Spicy shrimps on a stick which makes it look like a lollipop and spiked with sriracha was pretty decent.


1. Smoked Chocolate Moussecake – We finished this one in no time. Need i say more?

2. Wasabi Ice cream – I liked this one. Some people might not like the combination of wasabi ice cream but i pretty liked it.

3. Lemongrass Pineapple Sorbet – I’ve never liked sorbet, so this one is no exception.

4. Tender Coconut Mousse – Full marks for the presentation. It looks so pretty. The mousse is light and the tender coconut in it is drooling. #MustTry #Recommended. 

5. Honey Panacotta – Perfect! Just perfect!! Now let the picture do the talking. This dessert is perfect in all the aspects. Be it the texture or the taste. It falls in place.


A big shoutout to  Svetlana Savant (Carpe Diem),  for inviting us and hosting us.



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