Cream Centre, Bibwewadi. 

Well, this was the second time that I attended a fully vegetarian tasting. And ofcourse, how could i miss a place that serves amazing Pav Bhaji? I didn’t have Pav Bhaji here is a different story (You’ll come to know why, as you read ahead).

Cream Centre needs no introduction. This place is a vegetarian’s paradise. Who says vegetarians don’t have options when it comes to eating?  From pastas to nachos to pavbhaji to sizzler, you name it and you have it. If you still aren’t convinced then the next time you plan to eat out, visit Cream Centre. 

Now let’s see what we had

1. Fry Platter – This one consisted of onion rings, mini wadas, cheese corn balls, spring rolls and cheese chilli toast. Apart from the onion rings all the items were delicious. The outer covering of the onion rings had very little salt but to make up for that they had sprinkled some chaat masala on top. A little more will make a difference.

2. The Big Nachos – Piled high with tortilla chips, refined beans, lettuce, red onions, bell peppers, tomatoes with salsa dressings, sprinkled with black olives, jalapenos and finished with a double helping of their famous nacho sauce and sour cream. The only thing missing was that the cheese sauce was very less. We had high expectations and were expecting loads and loads of cheese sauce but what came, left us disappointed. Otherwise everything was in place and tasted well.

3. Chhole Bhatura – The bhaturas here are love! So fully and so light. The chhole was absolutely yummy with less oil and right amount of spice. Loved it. #MustTry

4. Veg Sizzler – This one was the star of the meal. The sauce, the veggies, the rice was just perfect. The best sizzler i have ever had. #MustTry #HighlyRecommended #JerlynRecommends. 

5. Baked pasta – Pasta baked twice. Loaded with mozzarella. Penne was al dante and the sauce was nice and smooth. #HighlyRecommended 

6. Sizzling Brownie – Brownie was chewy and the amount of chocolate sauce added to the it was alot and due to the sizzler plate it got burnt.

7. Oreo Shake – Oreo Shake was thick and was semi sweet. Lovely!

A big thank you to Mr. Devendra (PR) for inviting us and hosting us.



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