Oh Freak Shake, F.C. Road. 

What are Freak Shakes? Well, I know most of them know what these shakes are but for the ones who don’t know let me tell you what exactly are these. Freak Shakes – a sinful concoction of brownies, cookies, bars, pretzels, waffles, marshmallows, gems, candies with milkshakes. Freak Shake is the new sexy 😍

These monstrous looking shakes leave you sugar high. The proportions are exaggerated, with ingredients overflowing from mason jars. They have quickly grabbed all the attention of the food lovers because of the extravagance and undeniable visual appeal.

So we started off with


1. Go bananas – Bananas and peanut butter blended with milk was awesome. I was a bit skeptical to try this one as the combination of banana and peanut butter was very new to me. But this combo is a super hit. #MustTry 

2. Kit Kat Shake – Just like the regular Kit Kat Shake that i have had earlier. If you love Kit Kat shakes then no harm in trying this one.

3. Jim Jam – This one was a bit too sweet for my liking. Jim Jam biscuits are already sweet and due to the extra sweetener added it became extremely sweet.

4. Oreo Shake –  This one was the star of the evening. Perfect is the only word in which i can describe this one. Perfect balance of flavors. #HighlyRecommended #MustTry #JerlynRecommends. 


1. Banana Crumble – Red Velvet Belgium waffle with banana and caramel sauce was pretty decent. The caramel sauce and bananas compliment each other.

2. Brownie waffle – Again the same base of red velvet belgium waffle topped with brownie crumble but this time the waffle was a disappointment because it was not the same as the previous one. Though the base was same, it was somehow very crumbly and the strong flavor of red velvet waffle and brownie is not a very great combination. Both of them have strong flavors, killing each other.

3. Strawberry Waffle – Didn’t  try this one but enjoyed clicking it.

Freak Shake

1. Birthday Cake Freak Shake – We were fortunate enough to see how this one was made. The owner Reesha Kavediya, herself made this one for us. She covered the rim of the mason jar with butter cream frosting, then used some fancy looking candies and filled the jar with strawberry shake and topped it with a huge slice of cake. Ahhh…… Couldn’t take my eyes off this beauty. This one is a totally all things sweet shake. If you love things that are a little extra sweet, then this one is for you.

They are also working on the savory items and planning to introduce items like garlic breads, sandwiches and pastries.

A big shoutout to Neha Joshi ( Shout It Out PR) and Reesha Kavediya, for inviting us and hosting us. Wishing all the best to this new baby in town.




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