China Grill, Viman Nagar. 

While westerners often think of Chinese food as one distinct cuisine, it is, infact, comprised of several distinctly different regional styles of cooking.

The spread of traditional Chinese food began with Cantonese style cooking from the South Of China and this style includes many of the more instantly recognisable Chinese dishes such as stir – fries, sweet and sour and chop suey. In recent years, Northern style and spicier food from Szechuan and Shanghai have become better known and understood outside China.

Each of these style has developed over time as a result of factors such as the climate, history, cooking preferences of the region and all have their own distinct flavor.

Talking about India, there is a trend that has started of serving Chindian food. So what exactly do i mean by the term CHINDIAN food? Well, Chindian means a mix or a combination of Indian and Chinese cuisine. Chinese cuisine prepared in such a way that it has an Indian twist to it. Food made in such a that suits the Indian palate.

Okay so now let’s see what i had. But before that, something very very interesting that I discovered about this place. They also serve North Indian food. Yes! Now for people who find themselves in situations like i face – like parents like to relish rotis, naans, butter chicken and all things desi and me who loves fancy food that is all things videshi. Then this place is the perfect fit for you and you no longer have to fight over this topic anymore.

And the cherry on the cake is that they also have a huge banquet hall, where you can have your birthday parties, kitty parties, corporate events and what not. And something that i like about this place is that they will never disappoint you. Want to know how?? Well, whatever your budget maybe, they try and fir things for you and they also perpare personalized menus for different occasions. So it is assured you are in safe hands and you have this specially curated menu only for you and the owner Miss. Prerna Kapoor, makes it a point that she goes to each table and takes their feedback and is always takes the efforts to work on things.

Ahh… Now lets stop here because i know i can keep raving about this place.

Now let’s talk about food.

1. Chicken Crunchy – These look like chicken fries. Chicken fries coated with batter and then tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce is a must try dish. Loved the sweet and sour taste!

2. Chilly sesame prawns – Ahhh…… A sheer delight. Prawns cooked to perfection and topped with sesame seeds. This one is medium spicy. So the mild flavor of prawns and the medium spicy marinade go hand in hand.

3. Tandoori chicken – Chicken cooked in a clay oven with loads and loads of spices to it had the lovely smoky flavor, because of which i finished it in no time. Thus a must try.

4. Singapore noodles – Stir – friedrice vermicelli seasoned with curry powder, vegetables, scrambled eggs, chicken and prawns was delish. But if you aren’t a fan of vermicelli then would not recommend this to you. 

5. Hong Kong rice – Well with this one i was a little disappointed because I wasn’t able to distinguish the flavors. It tasted just like the regular fried rice and somehow the “Wow” factor was missing. 

6. Roast Lamb Chilly with Cheese Naan – Soft, tender lamb cooked in just one stroke was a tongue – tickler. Once you start hogging, you cannot stop yourself until the plate is clean. Hahahha…. A must try item for sure. 

And for dessert i had a 

7. Sizzling Brownie – The brownie was just the regular brownie that one can find anywhere. 


1. Pinacolada 

2. Strawberry Delight 

3. Blue Lagoon 

4. Sunrise Island 

And in the end, I know this place will never disappoint anyone. I can say this because i have been a regular customer at their Wanowrie branch. So people get ready because China Grill, Viman Nagar is all set to serve you some lip smacking delicacies. 



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  1. Nice pics in review


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