Mocha. Koregoan Park. 

Well this time i have got some good news for you. Mocha is back! Yes… This place is back in Pune and when a dear friend asked me to tag along, I couldn’t afford to miss this Mauka of visiting Mocha 😉

Mocha is a state of mind. It is the country’s first completely indigenous and eclectic cafe chain and the ones who brought the cafe culture.

Talking about this particular outlet – the place is done beautifully. It is nicely lit and has really fancy seating arrangements. They also have an open area seating which has swing, cute looking lamps, candles and music. Perfect place for a date!

Now that one thing for which all of us have been waiting. Yesss….. I’m talking about food.

So the first thing that comes to our table was

1. Honey chilli lotus stem with fries – I have always loved this dish. Crisp lotus stem in sweet and spicy sauce but this time with a twist to it. These were with fries. A good attempt i must say. Well done.

2. Mocha Fried Chicken – Batter fried chicken pieces sprinkled with some chatpata masala was yummy. Crisp outside and juicy inside plus to give this one a lift they serve it with mayonnaise and salsa. I tried it with mayonnaise and it went really well with it because the chicken had masala sprinkled on top and having it with mayonnaise created that balance of flavors. #MustTry #JerlynRecommends 

3. Sriraja Chicken Baos – Now I really don’t know why they have named it Sriraja but this one reminded me of a restaurant which is very close to my heart. So i had went ahead and tried this one keeping in mind the one which i have had at my favorite place and this one didn’t disappoint me at all. So, Mr.Sriraja Chicken Bao, you are going to be my new favorite. The baos were steamed to perfection and the filling was amazing.

4. Veg Khow Suey – Well one of my friends is a huge khow suey fan and is always gaga about khow suey. This was the very first time that i had khow suey. So, I don’t really know how exactly is Khow Suey made or how an ideal one should be but let me share this with you that this one was simply delish. Mild flavor of coconut cream, mushrooms, peanuts and noodles to it. And it was served with fried onion, coarsely ground peanuts and fried noodles. I’m a fan of Khow Suey for sure now. #JerlynRecommends #MustTry #HighlyRecommended #LovedIt. 

5. Bombay Bhel: Version 02 – Well to be very honest I didn’t understand the concept of serving bhel in a restaurant. I mean why would someone have bhel when there are hell lot of tasty options on their menu. Even if one wants to have this one, I don’t think this is value for money. So coming to the taste, it was extremely spicy. It literally set us on fire. The spice level is so high that it was over powering the other elements in the dish.

6. Multigrain Khichadi – A plain simple meal for people who miss home or miss maa ke haath ka khana. A very decent preparation of khichadi, served with achaar and papad. So harm in trying this one.

7. Alfredo Pasta – Penne was just perfect but the only thing i found missing was that the sauce was a bit too thick for my liking. It would have made a huge difference if it was a bit smooth. The quantity is more than enough for 2 people.

8. Half and Half Pizza (Chicken Tikka and Farm Fresh Pizza) – Nothing exceptional about this one. Somewhere the ‘wow’ thing was missing.

9. Thai Green Chicken Curry – I love Thai Curry. This one is such a beauty. Curry served in a wooden bowl and rice neatly placed on a banana leaf with a salad. Ahhh…… Let the picture do the talking. #HighlyRecommended #JerlynRecommends #MustTry #Yummilicious. 


Now one thing about their desserts. All of them are mouthwatering and have been priced decently for the quality and the quantity they serve. #TryAllTheirDesserts. 

1. Rasmalai Cheesecake – Now i kept wondering how is this going to be. Like a rasmalai cheesecake? Both these are two different corners but they brought both of them together really nicely. Layers of cream cheese and the center most layer filled with rasmalai. The not so sweet cream cheese and the rasmalai really went hand in hand and all of this was in a pool of ras (reduced milk) and was topped with a sugar mesh.

2. Banoffee Pie – This one is just like magic. You have a bite and you wonder where did this flavor come from and again you do the same and till the time you realise from where it came, you have licked down everything that is there on your plate. This one definitely calls for a second helping. #MustTry. 

3. Chocolate Avalanche – This one is pure bliss. Heaven for chocolate lovers. Everything thing that is served to you is just pure chocolate. From ice cream to chocolate cubes to chocolate brownies to chocolate truffles, all things chocolate. Definitely a chocolaty affairs.#MustTry #JerlynRecommends #HighlyRecommended #AllThingsChocolate. 

4. Mocha Lava Lava – With this one my expectations were really high. I had in mind a cup full of chocolate which will ooze out the moment we dig into it. But that oozing chocolate was missing and all i could taste is the lava mix.

Mocktails and Shakes 

1. Malta Nojito – So they’ve named it ‘Nojito’ because it has no alcohol. Haha…. Good one guys. This one was refreshing. Once again orange and mint create their magic.

2. Puneri Sprite – Ahh… What do i say? This one was more like an Aam Panna. No wonder it is named as Puneri Sprite.

3. Kiwi Nojito – Not a kiwi fan so would not say anything about this one.

4. Strawberry Cheesecake Shake – This one is love. When i firat saw this i thought this is just another regular strawberry shake but when i had it, it had chunks of cheesecake. First you get to taste the shake and then in the end you get these chunks. Loved this surprise. Thus a must try.

5. Nutella Pretzel Freak Shake – Looks messy is messy. Chocolaty shake made using nutella and topped with whipped cream, colorful sugar strands and pretzels was amazing. Loved the thick shake… Ahh 😍

3. Toblerone Shake-After having these 2 shakes, my expectations were high but somehow this one disappointed me. What i had in mind was those chunks of toblerone bar in my shake but it was just chocolate shake topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with crushed toblerone bar.

4. Ultimate Hot Chocolate – Loved the presentation of this one. Full marks for the presentation. I just couldn’t stop gazing at the beauty. A really good attempt with the hot chocolate, now by hot chocolate i mean this one was a milky one. It wasn’t fully chocolaty. And was topped with chilled whipped cream. So the moment you put the spoon in the cup, you get loads of chilled whipped cream and a very light flavor of hot chocolate. Now you cannot go wrong with the combination of hot and cold, can you? Thus i’d recommend this if you like the milky hot chocolate.

A huge thank you to Tanvi Deshpande and Team Mocha for inviting us and hosting us.

Amazing Photography by – Ajay Khot aka Photowala Punekar. 


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