Aam-maze at 4 Points By Sheraton. Viman Nagar. 

I recently visited 4 Points By Sheraton and guess what?? I was Aam-mazed. Thinking what is getting Aam-mazed? Well, let me explain! They have a special menu curated just for the mango season. Yes, after lots of Mango – Mango across the city, they are all set to give you a mangolicious experience. But but but, this one is not the heavy mango meal. This one is much lighter.

This is possibly the first time that any restaurant is focusing on a Mango High Tea. Yes! A high tea menu curated focusing on mango delicacies.

Dishes like spiced fruit cake, mango sushi, mango avocado salad, mango chia shooter, aam panna, mango mousse, keri mango shooter, red velvet choco chip cake, orange chocolate cake, red velvet cake, trio decker barfi, aamrakhand, biscotti, cookies are a few things that were there at the Tapas and Dessert Spread by Chef Sunil Menon. 

And here a few things that i liked from the spread.

1. Aamrakhand – Kesari, thick aamrakhand topped with finely chopped nuts had a very nice and creamy texture, served in a kullhad.

2. Keri Mango Shooter – The keri mango shooter looks amazing and honestly when i looked at it, I thought this is going to be just another mango drink. But to my surprise this one was spicy. Yes. The moment i took a sip of it.. Ahh. There was this sweet and spicy flavor that kicked in.

3. Mango Pomegranate Canape – Smooth mango cream topped with pomegranate on a papdi. Loved it.

4. Mango Cheesecake – Unlike the other cheesecakes that i’ve had till date that have a biscuit base. This one was different. It had a spongy base with cream cheese and finished with what? Finished with chocolate coated murmura. Haha.. Yes! When i first looked at it, i thought it was walnut. Very nicely done.

5. Mango Bread – Now mango bread looks like a slice of a cake but when i actually tasted it, it tasted like a chocolate bread with mild flavor of mango. Goes really well with your “cutting chai”.

6. Filo pastry – The moment we saw this beauty, it got us thinking what exactly is this dish. Then after a lot of guess work, we asked the chef what exactly is this dish? He said it a filo pastry with mango salsa filling. Very crispy and light.

7. Mango Barfi Vol Au Vent – A tart filled just with mango. Ahh…. I think saying pure mango is more than enough, isn’t it?

And guess what all this at just Rs.450++ and that too on weekends. That is Saturday and Sunday, between 3pm to 6pm at the Family Lounge section. 

Now taking you to an Aamlicious A-La-Carte. Talking about my picks.

1. Alphonso Chicken Kebabs – Juicy chicken kebabs with the perfect blend of spices and yes the mango flavor for sure was outstanding.

2. Hoisin Chicken – This one was the star of the evening. Rice preparation with veggies and diced mango cubes, served with spicy grilled chicken with a sweet and spicy marinated coated with sesame was delicious. Now what i liked about this one was the balance of flavors and food pairing. The chicken was spicy and the rice was simple and had mango as the highlight, so there was a proper balance of flavors.

For dessert i had the Berry Aam ki Bahaar – Served in a tall cocktail glass with layers of shrikhand, rabdi and berries. Ahh…. This beauty was a real treat to both the eyes and the tastebuds.


So rush… Because this is valid only till the end of this month. This fest definitely Aam-mazed us….. Kyun ki yeh koi AAM baat nahi hai!! 😉

And a big thank you to Devendra Mali, Janvi, Chef Sunil Menon for being such amazing hosts.

Happy Eating!!



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