Italy Via Punjab. NIBM Road. 

So I recently visited this place named Italy Via Punjab which is located on NIBM Road. Now Italy Via Punjab sounds really interesting. I couldn’t wait to visit this place. I had made a plan to visit this place and guess what? I get a call from Mr. Hatim (Crescent PR). I was all excited and made a trip to this place.


A gentleman with a wide smile welcomed us and this man was none other than Mr. Ninad (Owner). On asking him about the place, he said, ‘This is a 5 month old place and has received an amazing response from it’s patrons’. He further said that the name Italy Via Punjab is my creation. The whole idea behind naming it as Italy Via Punjab is that I want diners to experience both Italian and Punjabi cuisine at one place and i have also focused on fusion food. By fusion food i mean – the not so spicy Italian food and the rich and spicy Punjabi food make a great combination.

So ab mein aap ko leke chalti hu Italy Via Punjab ki iss journey par.


1. Chicken Tikka Nachos – Plate full of masaledaar nachos with yummy cheese sauce and chunky chicken tikka cubes on top was delicious. To be frank i am a huge nacho fan, so i am a bit biased towards this one. But on a serious note, these were damn good and corn and olives make it even better.

2. Jalapeno Cheese ke Samose – Medium sized samosas stuffed with cheese and jalapenos were decent. The outer covering was made from regular samosa patti and i found these to be a bit oily.

3. Murgh Saufiana Tikka – Chicken marinated in fennel seeds and spices and was simply flavorful. The moment i had the first bite the flavor of fennel, spices and chicken kicked in.

4. Gulkand aur Malai ka Murgh Tikka – This one was bland. The flavors were missing. Only on telling me I realised that it had gulkand to it. Thus i’d give this one a miss.

5. Rosemary Murgh Kebab – Chicken marinated in rosemary and cooked in tandoor. Soft and juicy chicken on a satay stick. This one is literally melt in mouth.

6. Paneer Pepper Parsley Tikka – A twist to classic paneer tikka but i’m not sure if you’ll like this twist. Now this might get you thinking why i am saying this? The paneer wasn’t marinated properly. Only if you try it with the chutney that comes along with it, it will get a little better.

7. Butter Chicken Penne – The base butter chicken gravy didn’t really taste like butter chicken and the penne was overcooked. An ideal pasta has it’s penne cooked al dante.

8. Alfredo Pasta – Cooked with cream, garlic and sprinkled with parmesan. Alfredo with an Indian twist. It had veggies like carrot, mushrooms, olives to it. Well they have written topped with parmesan on their menu but the one that i got was topped with processed cheese. And last but not the least, let’s talk about the sauce. The sauce was a bit to thick.

9. Kebab ki Kadai with Butter Roti – Medium spicy gravy with chicken kebab in it was something unusual in a nice way. The combination of the gravy and kebab is simply mind blowing. Tickles your tastebuds.


Kitkat Shake, Brownie Shake and Dark Chocktail

Now these guys have to really work on these. The temperature kept fluctuating with every shake. It wasn’t really chilled though. All of these were room temperature. On giving the feedback to the owner, he said we will work on it.

Kitkat shake 

Brownie shake 


1. Lemonade – The lemonade was pretty average. It was not upto the mark. The sugar crystals weren’t dissolved properly, thus every time i tried taking a sip of it, the sugar crystals blocked the straw.


1. Masala Chai Panacotta – I really didn’t understand the whole concept of having masala chai panacotta. It would have been really amazing if they kept it simple with the authentic panacotta and not complicating it with these flavors. On asking the owner about people’s reaction to this combination, he said, ‘People love this item and some people come here only for this item’. So not necessary that you might not like it, go ahead and try it for yourself.

2. Baked Dahi – Yogurt baked with sugar and served with a mango syrup on the side. You can try this one to know what exactly baked dahi tastes like. Trust me when i heard this even i wanted to try it out because baked dahi is something very new to me atleast.

A big thank you to Mr. Hatim ( Crescent Inc) and Mr. Ninad (Owner) for inviting us and hosting us.



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