Savya Rasa, Koregaon Park.

Welcome to this Epicurean Journey through Southern India. 

Savya Rasa is a first of its kind dining experience that celebrates the epicurean journey of South India, created with the intent of offering its patrons a fine dine experience with exclusivity . Their main aim is to re – create the traditional cuisine and introduce them to a wider audience.

Shivangi Shah (Carpe Diem) told us how Team Savya Rasa have travelled extensively across South India, researching and learning from local cooks, chefs, grandmothers and housewives. After years of research they have added items in the menu that brings to you authentic dishes from 7 regions, viz, Mangalore (Mangaluru), Mysuru (Mysore), Nellore, Kongunadu, Chettinad, Nasrane and Malabar each with their distinct cultural identities.

Let me take you to a ride of vivid flavors and experience of South India.

1. Guntur Pandu Miryapakaya Kodi – A popular dish from the home of the finest Guntur chilli, chicken marinated for four hours with a spicy res masala made of red chilli powder, ginger and garlic.

2. Pazha Meen Manga Curry -A Kerala sweet and spicy mango curry, generally served with rice.

3. Batata Pathanja Gassi – Potato cubes and green gram sprouts in coconut gravy with garlic , tomato, onions and curry leaves.

4. Chutney Paniyaram – Shallow fried dumplings stuffed with a medium spicy made from mustard seeds, shallots, green chillies and coconut.

5. Mini Meen Pollichathu – Mini fish fillets marinated in tangy masala made of tomatoes, red chillies, onions and tamarind, rolled in banana leaf and grilled.

6. Urulai Podi Varuval – Pan tossed baby potatoes with a coarsely ground powder made of roasted lentils, red chillies, asofoetida and condiments.

7. Uppu Kari – Mutton stir fried with red chillies, cashew nuts, curry leaves and shallots.

8. Pacha Mirapakaya Kodi – THIS ONE SHOULD COME WITH A WARNING LABEL. Wondering why?? It is EXTREMELY spicy. It will set you and your taste buds on fire. If you spicy things then this one is Heaven for you.  P.S. Try it at your own risk.

9. Chemmeen Podi Ittu Varuthathu – This one was suggested by a friend to us. Prawns stir fired with shallots, ginger, red chillies, cumin and finished with grated coconut.

10. Mango Thokku – A sweet, sour and spicy chettinad preparation of ripened mangoes comes with appam.

11. Mamidi Pandu Pulusu – This dish is a seasonal speciality of Andhra Kitchens. This mango based spicy, sweet and sour dish known for its cooling powers and can help prevent heat strokes.

12. Kukuda Nuppu – Manglorean tempered rice preparation.

13. Mambazha Kesari – A clean rich sweet dish made with semolina cooked in ghee and sweet mango pulp.

14. Kukuda Payasa – A sweetened mango and reduced milk dessert.

15. Mambazha Pudding – Ripe mango jelly set with china grass – A Thannur Delicacy.

16. Mambazha Halwa – A melt in mouth gelatinous sweet made with reduced mango sugar syrup, cooked with a mixture of rice flour, clarified butter and fried almonds and pistachios.


1. Frozen Mango Daiquiri

2. Spicy Litchi Mojito – This one gives you a sudden spicy kick. Ahhh….. Try it if you like your drinks spicy.

3. Watermelon and Tulsi Mojito

4. Mulberryjito (Mulberry Mojito)

A big thank you to Shivangi Shah, Sathish Kumar and  Team Savya Rasa. 

Happy Eating!!


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