Star Cast Of Mirza Juliet at Seasons Mall. Magarpatta.

Yet again #jerlynfoodfanatic, meets Bollywood celebs!!

This time I met the star cast of Mirza Juliet and interacted with them.


Everyone knows Seasons Mall is known as The House Of Celebrities. One gets to see celebrities almost every third day at Seasons. 

So this Saturday, I spotted the star cast of the film Mirza Juliet. 


Mirza Juliet is an Indian romantic drama film, directed by Rajesh Ram Singh and features  Darshan Kumaar and the gorgeous Pia Bajpai in lead roles and Priyanshu Chatterjee and Chandan Roy Sanyal in supporting role. The film is a love story with equal mixture of romance and comedy.

The man who brought this star cast to Pune is none other than Mr. Sandesh Deshmukh, the founder of Fieldcraft Entertainment. Fieldcraft Entertainment is a PR Company, founded in 2011. Within a year they got into celebrity management and has achieved great success and love from everyone. Fieldcraft Entertainment is mostly into artist and celebrity appearances and performances, movie promotions, infilm branding, event planning, film PR, celebrity PR and marketing…. Hussshhhh and what not.

So now let me take you straight to the conversation that i had with the star cast of Mirza Juliet. 

Talking about Darshan Kumaar, this man needs no introduction, does he? After winning our hearts by his fabulous performance in Mary Kom, he was again seen in NH10 and surprised the audience by his performance once again and then he was seen in Sarabjit, playing the role of a Pakistani lawyer.

He was in Pune for the promotion of his film Mirza Juliet. Firstly let me tell you one thing, he is a very down to earth person. In a close conversation with Darshan, I asked him about the film and his character in the film. He said, ‘ Mirza Juliet is a story based in the geo- political background of UP. A beautiful love story. I am playing Mirza in this film. He leads a very complicated life and wishes to reinvent that. He is a modern guy who believes in love and he meets Julie Shukla and falls for her and then what happens…?? Well for that you’ll have to watch Mirza Juliet. He further said that for this particular role i had to learn a lot of things like offering Namaaz. I had to put on a lot of weight and had to work a lot on my diction.

On asking him how is Pia Bajpai as a co – actress, he said, ‘Pia is  very spontaneous. She is very bold in real life and she is the perfect fit for the role of Julie Shukla, as she is born with it. I had  a great time shooting with her and when you have good co-actors along, time flies.


Talking about Pia Bajpai, she is the leading lady of this film. She plays the role of of a rowdy girl, who is brought up by her brothers and has learnt the same language that her siblings use. Because she feels that there is nothing wrong in abusing and using cuss words because that is the way she is brought up. She is the girl who is very curious to know the whereabouts of the world. 

And Darshan as a co – actor is very good. I still remember there were a few scenes where he has helped me a lot and when you are around people who give you positive vibes, eventually the reasons are mind blowing! The bond and the chemistry should always be there between actors, if that goes missing then none of us can perform properly. I am glad that i am sharing the screen with him.

When I  asked Priyanshu Chatterjee about his role, he said, ‘ I am playing Julie Shukla’s elder brother. I have already promised her hand in marriage to Rajan Pandey, but when Julie falls in love with Mirza, I try to separate the couple.

Mr. Rajesh Ram Singh, the director says that, the film is a romantic action thriller. All the artists have performed really well. They have worked very hard in every aspect and their performances are beyond expectations.


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Picture Credits – Yash Agarwal 







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