PA PA YA. Lower Parel , Mumbai.

Pa Pa Ya is a modern Asian bistro from the House of Massive Restaurants and best described as a chic, modern and radical reinterpretation of Asian cuisine. Revolutionarising the pan-Asian dining experience, Pa Pa Ya is an assimilation of various cooking techniques and cultures found across the Asian continent. It is as much about culinary art as it is about offering an exceptional gastronomic experience. It showcases super innovative presentations, the likes of which have never been seen before, integrated with cutting edge contemporary cooking techniques, including the use of the latest innovations & technology used in molecular gastronomy, with Massive Restaurants being credited for its introduction and popularisation in India through the critically acclaimed brands like Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra and Farzi Café.

Pa Pa Ya endeavours to offer a holistic dining experience and thus showcases a range of cocktails in its signature beverage section, which have been given the same tender, love and care as the cuisine, applying extensive use of molecular mixology with absolute cutting edge innovation never been seen before. The dishes on offer showcase some classics and all-time favourites, retaining their original essence, enhanced using elements of modern cooking techniques like elements of molecular gastronomy and presentation to add an element of surprise to the dining experience. Focusing on a modern sensory culinary experience with the cuisine served, ambience and restrained elegance, Pa Pa Ya offers a befitting tribute to the refinement and extensive cultural legacy of the Asian Continent. Pa Pa Ya is not just redefining Asian cuisine, it’s Asian Cuisine – Revolutionised. 



So #Jerlynfoodfanatic was invited for an exclusive tasting at Pa Pa Ya, Mumbai. This was the first time that I went to some other city for an exclusive tasting and that too in The City Of Dreams – Mumbai. As soon as i received the invitation I was very excited and couldn’t wait to visit this place as we were possibly the first group of bloggers from Pune who were going Mumbai for an exclusive tasting.


We visited this place on 9th April, 2017.  The restaurant is located at Palladium Mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai. We reached the place at 12 p.m. We were stunned looking at the beauty of the restaurant!! The interiors are fabulous. It has a huge bar and a very spacious seating area.
We settled down and before we placed the order, the senior chef comes and tells us that they have curated a special menu for us. Now isn’t this awesome?

So the first thing that came to our table was Amuse Bouche – Now amuse bouche is just like a welcome drink that people serve when we visit them. But surely this is not a drink. Watermelon cubes with a foam sitting on top, comes in shell.

1. Beer Battered Avocado Tacos – A Japanese – Mexican style of tacos with the shell of tacos made from ‘GYOZA SHEET’ (primarily used to make dumplings) stuffed with beer battered crispy avocado, corn and scallion Kimchi topped with Mozzerella cheese is the Indian version of Tacos.

2. Lamb Rendang Curry – 2 lamb shanks which are slowly braised to [erfection comes with thick Indonesian curry with crispy shallots on top served along with 2 portions  of Singaporean crep called Roti Prata was the star of the day. #DelishDelish #JerlynRecommends

3. Phad Thai Veg – Stir fried rice flat noodles which has sweet, spicy and sour all the three flavours tossed with beans, sprouts, bell peppers and chillies and topped with ground peanuts was something that I didn’t like. There was nothing extra ordinary about it. It was tasting like they have added tomato ketchup to it.

4. Kale and pockchoy dimsums – This one had lots of veggies in it with mushroom gaozi dressing. A sheer delight for vegetarians. This one comes with a crispy papad and a spicy dip on the side. #YumYum

5. Bombay Duck – Okay so while others wanted to try this one i was a bit skeptical about it. But i asked the others to go ahead and order it. So as soon as the dish arrives, everyone gorges over it. And after looking at them even i felt like trying it! So i just took a bite of it and OH MY GOD!! This was the best. I mean i have just had just the ones that are coated with rava/ semolina. This one was nice and juicy on the inside and crispy outside. #HighlyRecommended #JerlynRecommends #MustTry

6. Uramaki Sushi – Uramaki Sushi is where rice is outside and seaweed is inside with the stuffing in the bottom and is topped with crispy fried greens. It was distinct in flavor! Thus recommended.

7. Salmon Uzukuri – Salmon made in Konnyakykai, tomato, basil, jalapeno relish and garlic  is something that has a very nice after taste. The moment i put it in my mouth i didn’t like it a bit but as slowly slowly i started feeling the flavors and the texture of the meat, i fell for it. But the moment you eat it, it will give your taste buds a hit. So be ready for it.

8. Mandarin zest infused lamb / goutie vegetable – Delicious Mandarin flavored lamb dumpling with wasabi jelly on the side and with chilli guava pickle. Simply juicy and the outer covering was also just perfect!!

9. Tiger Prawns – Now these are really huge ones. 3 tiger prawns swimming in the pool of a very interesting homemade sauce and cute looking candied pineapple. Now enough of explaining… Let the picture do the talking.

10. Cheese Pakoda – As the name says it all. This one had lots and lots of cheese and comes with a spicy sauce on the side and is garnished with mayonnaise. #MustTry #JerlynRecommends #Delicious.


1. Life on a beach – Concoction of orange juice and passion fruit. Oh so refreshing!!

2. Pa Pa Ya – A blend of orange juice, orange chunks and kaffir lime, rosemary and thyme.


1. Molecular Dessert and Panacotta – Loved the Ice cream. Vanilla ice cream with panacotta. The whole dish itself was a complete package. This one stole my heart ❤

2. Chocolate ball on fire – A big chocolate ball stuffed with 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream, chocolate ganache, cheese cake cream served on a bed of coffee cream and loads of cookie crumble and almond crumble with cooked alcohol and later poured with toffee sauce on top. This looks so amazing and they way the ball opens up after the alcohol is poured is fabulous. So grab this one and get high. #HighlyRecommended #JerlynRecommends #MustTry

A big thank you to team Pa Pa Ya for hosting us!



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    Beautifully jotted… with amazing and mouth watering clicks!!! Bravo!!

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