Brunch at The Little Next Door. Kalyani Nagar.

Brunch is a perfect reason to catch up with friends on a weekend. From savoury egg dishes to pastas to pastries, find a perfect companion for your drinks.


Shivangi Shah (Carpe Diem), invited me for an Anti Brunch at The Little Next Door, to which i agreed immediately.

So the moment we entered The Little Next Door, I spotted a sizzling barbeque, a grilling station and a live counter which had pastas, pancakes and waffles and what not.


We opted to sit indoors as the outdoor was totally packed. We settled and then ordered for grills, as these were the only items that were served on the table. For the other items like pastas and pancakes we had to get them from the live counter.


So what all did we have?

1. Grilled Pork Ribs – Grilled to perfection!

2. Grilled Veggies – Now when I say grilled veggies, it sounds boring right?? Well, these were very yummy. Grilled veggies on satay sticks and seasoned with spices and lemon was Love.

3. Fish – Basa marinated in a spicy green mixture. The fish was nice and juicy.

4. Chicken sausages – I found these a little bland. A little bit of seasoning would have made a difference.

5. Veggie pasta from the live counter. You can customize your pasta as and how you want. I ordered for a alfredo pasta with broccoli and black olives. Just perfect!

6. Chicken pasta with a choice of mushrooms and olives needs no further description. The picture says it all.

7. Pineapple pizza – Ahh…. When i read this on the menu i was amazed. Like who can think of pizza with a pineapple topping along with a lot of other veggies ? Ordered for this one and it wasn’t disappointing at all. #MustTry #JerlynRecommends

8. Margarita pizza was just the normal one.

9. Iced Tea – This one was a little watery.

10. Virgin Sangria – A concoction of fruit slices and juices. Loved this one. # Recommended.

11. Malibu

12. They had a huge menu for desserts which had items like pastries, tarts with orange topping, brownies, cupcakes and pancakes. All of them were super tasty. It’s difficult for me to name just one. So go ahead and grab one of each.

A big thank you to Shivangi Shah, Carpe Diem, for inviting us and hosting us.


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