Restaurant Review : Egg Static. Kondhwa.

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So what better than starting your day with scrumptious food.


Mr. Abhishek and Mr. Amitoj sent me an invitation for an exclusive tasting at Egg Static, Kondhwa. At first the idea of just eggs didn’t excite me but i thought of giving this place a try and i must say this place is fabulous!! I mean so many variations with just element – EGGS. 

When someone says eggs, there is just  one thing that comes to mind is Omelette or Boiled Eggs but trust me this place has got more than this.

So let me take you to this Egglicious journey.

1. Deviled Eggs – Hard boiled eggs with a twist. Now is this TWIST? By twist i mean hard boiled egg with a runny yolk. I opted for the not so runny yolk as i don’t like it to be runny. These eggs are topped with spices and coriander. #Yummy #HealthyTreat

2.  Shakshouka – A mix of spicy tomatoes with sunny side up spiced eggs comes with toasts. This one is simply flavorful. Goes very well with toast… #HighlyRecommended #StarDish.

3. Mushroom Omelette – Slow cooked omelette has mushrooms, green chillies, spices and is topped with loads of cheese and comes with toast. Ahh…. Couldn’t stop myself from finishing the whole dish and got over in no time. The combination of mushroom and cheese is simply awesome. #HighlyRecommended #JerlynRecommends.

4. Egg Sandwich –  Grated egg whites and mayonnaise sandwiched between slices of bread comes with potato chips. Somehow the egg whites and mayonnaise didn’t go well and thus found it to be a little bland for my liking.

5. Egg Salad – I am not a salad person but since Abhishek insisted that i should give this one a try i went ahead and ordered it. A nice colorful looking plate with loads of veggies like red bell pepper, green bell pepper, cabbage, broccoli, yellow bell pepper, coriander and diced boiled eggs dressed with mayonnaise was something beyond expectations. A must try for all the fitness freaks out there. #Recommended.


6. Egg Rice with curry – Fried rice topped with spiced egg was again little bland but when you have  it with curry it tastes fine.


7. Cold Coffee – Was just the regular cold coffee.

8. Iced Tea – This one was a bit watery. That was probably because of the extra ice they added to it.

Overall this place is definitely VFM. And yes anything and everything you order from them is under Rs. 101/-  So get going and choose pick from their menu and get Eggified. 

A big thank you to Mr. Abhishek and Amitoj  for inviting me.


Happy Eating!!!



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