Restaurant Review : Picantos Mexican Grill. Kalyani Nagar.

There is more to the beautiful Mexico than the clear, blue seas and the exotic culture, the tasty and unique Mexican Cuisine is a top favourite all around the world.

Traditional Mexican cuisine has a history of incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables and is considered spicy. It has a flavorful kick, use of fresh aromatic ingredients and colorful presentation. Chilli is one if the most important and recognisable flavor that one can see in this cuisine.


White corn, beans, squash, tomatoes and chillies are the staples that have formed the foundation of Mexican cooking.


I was recently invited for a tasting at Picantos Mexican Grill by Ms. Shivgauri Rajan and Himanshu Shah. 
So what all did i have?


1.  Mexican Hot Chocolate

2.Iced Tea

3.Ginger Lemonade

4.Green Apple Iced Tea

5.Mixed Fruit Spritzer

6. Bloody Guava Cooler

7. Cold Coffee

9. Crunchy Chocolate Shake




1. Loaded Chicken  Nachos – As i have mentioned it earlier on my blog, i simply love their loaded nachos. Crispy nachos with beans, sauce and chicken is an amazing combination. The crunch of the nacho chips and the oozing cheese sauce go very well together. #HighlyRecommended

2. Loaded Nachos – Nachos with loads of beans and cheese sauce is a treat for vegetarians.


1. Soft Shell Tacos (Veg) – Tortilla sheet with tomatoes, cabbage, beans and chipotle was something that had lots and lots of beans to it and somehow i like tacos with hard shell. If you like tacos with loads of beans you should definitely give this one a try.

2. Hard Shell Tacos (Veg) – This was one similar to the soft shell taco but the only thing we customised is the outer shell. We ordered this one with a hard shell and i totally loved it. The combination of beans and veggies with a hard shell taco goes hand in hand. So ya i’d recommend this.

3. Spicy Chicken Quesadilla – Though the name says Spicy Chicken, it isn’t that spicy. When we asked Gauri that is it supposed to be bland, she said, ‘ It is supposed to be more cheesy and less spicy but we serve it with a spicy dip to maintain the balance of flavors. But if you want the quesadilla to be more spicy, we can make it upon request’. So if you like your quesadillas spicy then please mention that before placing the order 🙂

4.  Chicken Burrrito Bowl – Now this one is a real big bowl of burrito. It is very filling and is sufficient for 2 people. And hands down it tastes simply amazing. A blast of flavours that gives a kick to your tastebuds.


1. Chocolate Panacotta with Strawberry Coulis- The panacotta was wobbly. It had a after taste that i didn’t like.

2. Churros with Chocolate Sauce – Their Churros are ❤  I have had it earlier and it deserves all the appreciation. They are the best churros in town. #HighlyRecommended.

A big shout out to Ms.Shivgauri Rajan and Himanshu Shah for inviting us hosting us.




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