Restaurant Review : Indigo Delicatessen. Viman Nagar.

During a busy morning, it’s easy to let breakfast fall low in your list of priorities, but taking just a few minutes to have something to eat can really make a difference to your day. If you don’t have time to eat before leaving the house, let me share one place that i recently discovered for breakfast where you can eat on-the-go or when you are driving to work. Yes!! I am talking about Indigo Delicatessen. They have an all day breakfast menu and are exploring each section of menu in detail and I was invited by Ms. Svetlana Savant (Carpe Diem), for a tasting.


So lets jump to what we had and how we started our day


1. Caprese Benedict – Breakfast never tasted so good! Now let the picture do the talking!!


2. Eggs Florentine – Two eggs baked with creamed spinach and cheddar on toast with hash brown was super tasty. The spinach and cheese went hand in hand.

3. Waffles and fruit pancakes –  With fruit compote , maple syrup, honey and homemade preserves. I simply love them. They are ❤

4. Eggs Divinity – Scrambled eggs layered with creamed spinach and potato roesti, mornay sauce and shaved truffles was pretty decent.


5. Couscous Upma – Healthy home style upma made with dried fruit, nuts, couscous and pomegranate with a dollop of peppery pineapple compote with rosemary was yummy. I loved the combination of  pineapple compote with couscous.


6. Eggs on the beach – Two poached eggs smothered with hollandise served with crispy bacon or crab cake. I tried the one with crab cake. But somehow I didn’t like the combination of crab cake with eggs. Had it been chicken, i’m sure it would have made a difference.


1. Earl Grey Tea – This is the very first time that i tasted this tea. This one was flavoured with bergamot ( without milk). Simply flavourful.


2. Costa Rica Taraazu – This one a really strong flavour and had a rich texture to it.


3. Brazilian Santos

4. Cold Coffee

A big thank you to Chef Tushar Deshpande, Saptadeep Roy and Svetlana Savant (Carpe Diem) for inviting and hosting us.


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