Restaurant Review : The Coconut Tree Bar and Kitchen. Magarpatta.

South Indian cuisine is linked in all its richness to the history, geography, demography and culture. Their cuisine has a multitude of both veg and non veg dishes prepared using fish, poultry and red meat. One ingredient that is very common is Coconut. They include coconut in every item they prepare. The southern region is known for its spices and masalas and for their food ofcourse.


Ms. Vanshika Bajaj, sent me an invitation and the moment i heard South Indian cuisine i agreed immediately. Having visited Kerala recently and i still cannot get over its beauty, i was really thrilled to experience the Magic once again.


Now coming to the point

1. Food – I absolutely loved the food. If you are a  fan of south indian cuisine then this is the place to be. Thus rating it  4.5/5.

2. Ambience – Ambience is super classy. Rating – 4.5/5.

3. VFM – Totally VFM place. Decently priced – amazing food. 4/5

4. Service – Service was quick in the beginning but slowed down eventually and had to wait for 30 to 45 mins for our food to arrive. They also forgot to serve us a few mocktails that we had ordered. So one thing i noticed was as the place started swarming the service became slow. 3/5

5. Parking – There is ample parking space.

6. Address – 5, Konark Icon, Near Seasons Mall, Magarpatta, Pune.


Now lets discuss some Awesomeness. 

1. Cocktails 

1.Coastal Affair – A concoction of hazelnut and coconut syrup was simply flavorful.


2.Safe Sex On The Beach – Colorful is the word to describe this one.


2. Mocktails 

1. Coco Curry Tini – Fancy name isn’t it?? Now what exactly is this drink? A drink with flavours of curry leaves, alaci and litchi juice was a tad too sweet for my liking. If your ask them to make it a bit less sweet, i am sure it will make a huge difference.

2. Rosemary – A combination of pineapple essence, strawberry essence, guava juice and rose water. It was tasting more like a guava juice. The guava juice was probably over powering the other flavours.


3.Virgin Sangria – Made from perished fruits this one was getting better and better with every sip.


3. Starters 

1. Prawns Chilli Fry – Cooked in Mangalorean Red chilli paste, kadi patta, garlic and tomato paste was a bit spicy but delish. #Recommended


2. Chicken Ghee Roast – Cooked in secret recipe of The Coconut Tree Chef. If you want to know the secret go try this one for yourself.


3. Butter Garlic Prawns – Prawns marinated in butter – pepper, crushed garlic and roasted was the star of the evening. #HighlyRecommended.



1. Fish Moily with Appam – Pomfret cooked in coconut thick cream with Kerala spices paste was very mild in flavour. For the ones who love mild flavours, you are going to love this one. The appam were very soft but i like my appam to be a bit crispy.#Recommended.

2. Shakku’s Chicken (Signature Dish) with butter naan – Now i have absolutely no clue why they call it Shakku’s Chicken but one thing i can guarantee you is the taste. When we first saw it,  we assumed it might just taste like the other chicken preparations that we have had at different restaurants but but but this one is different. You have to try it yourself. #HighlyRecommended


5. Desserts 

1. Caramel Custard – The custard had a creamy texture and was melt in mouth.

2.Pan infused Ice Cream with Rabdi – Now isn’t this something very unusual? Rich creamy pan flavoured ice cream was simply mind blowing and the rabdi made it even more better and tasty. #MustTry #HighlyRecommended #JerlynRecommends.

3. Paan Shots – Amazing is the word to describe this one. A complimentary drink served in form of shots is a new twist to the regular paan that we Indians eat after every meal. Loved it!!


A big shout out to Ms.Vanshika Bajaj, Nikhil (Mixologist), Bhoja (Chef) and the entire Team of Coconut Tree – bar and kitchen for inviting me and for being such amazing hosts.





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