Baking Workshop : Nutriangle – Hands On Workshop.

Norwegian Proverb says – Cookies are made of butter and love, but what if you can bake them without adding butter but lots and lots of love? Ever thought of it??

Well if not then let me introduce you an amazing personality who believes in eating healthy and bakes everything from scratch.

Yes. I am talking about Rupali Karnawat, the brainchild behind the name NUTRIANGLE. 

In a small chat with Rupali, i asked her about her journey. How it started, what brought her into baking, for how long she has being doing it and everything related to her journey of healthy bakes.
Rupali says,’I got married when i was pursuing Inter CA, and had absolutely no idea how to cook as was busy with studies and work’.

She further says,’My husband is a complete fitness freak and thoroughly believes “You Are What You Eat”. His non negotiable approach towards food habits provoked me to explore and research different cuisines and various methods for “VEGETARIAN WITH NUTRITION”.

Being a Jain,also had to work on common myth that our food is poor on nutritional value which motivated me to search for different sources of protein amd that is how i started studying books and articles on Nutrition.

She says,’I want cooking to be easy,stress free and through which we can engage and reinvent the bonds with our near and dear ones, and so after a lot of failures and disasters in the kitchen and after understanding the science behind each ingredient. I am writing a book on Healthy Cooking, to be launched soon. Now what according to me is healthy cooking?

I believe that in today’s world we don’t have time for ourselves and we do not eat properly, so eventually we don’t get the proper nutrition from what we eat. So the idea behind writing this book is to stress more on the  importance of nutrition. We keep looking for sources of protein and with this book one can learn easy cooking.

Though she is not trained professionally with any degree,she says, ‘Cooking is healthy with lots of love’.
And with all of this and constant support from her family, she conducted her first hands on session on 1st February,2017.

So the first hands on session was held at Ana’s Baking Studio, Aundh. With a housefull of students we started off with making,

1.Healthy Choco Chip Cookies, made from Oat Flour and Almond Flour.

2. Jowar and Almond Cookies, these looked so pretty and cute with all colors from the palette,made from whole wheat flour,rice flour and jowar flour.

3.Healthy Brownies, now trust me when i say healthy; i mean it. Like who can think of making a brownie from hung curd and paneer with absolutely no fatty ingredients in it?

And Rupali says,’It is a sense of pride and pleasure when people actually make things at home that are taught to them and appreciate the concept of ‘Healthy Cooking’. 

With a stupendous response from everyone, Rupali is now all set to conduct her next hands on session on  6th March,2017, which includes the following things :

1.Moong dal, spinach, jowar and paneer Dhokla.

2.Baked Dahi Vada.

3.Avocado Mousse.

4.Pizza base with Oats and Oatbran.

5.Walnut and Bran Muffins.

6.Plant based high protein shake.

Venue – Ana’s Baking Studio. B4 – 202, Kalpataru Enclave,Opp Kaka Halwai, Parihar Chowk, Aundh. 


Email –

Contact No. 9822976733

Facebook – 


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    Super work!

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