Restaurant Review : The Sassy Spoon. Koregaon Park.

The Sassy Spoon is a multi – awarded winning restaurant and is regarded as the premier gourmet eateries and is renowned for its eclectic menu,indulgent desserts and vintage chic decor. It is also one of the few independent restaurants India that is regularly hand picked to participate in Gout De France,a global culinary extravaganza that celebrates French Cuisine.

After an overwhelming response from Mumbai,The Sassy Spoon opened its doors to Punekars in the month of January. Ms.Shivangi Shah (Carpe Diem),invited me for a tasting to which i agreed immediately.

So we started the evening with a few


1. Very Berry Khatta – Simply flavorful! This one is their signature drink and is  recommended for teetotallers.A new take on the classic Kala Khatta. #HighlyRecommended #Winner #Love #GoingBackForThisOne.

2.A special drink from the mixologist. Loved this one!


1.Nachos – I am a die hard Nacho fan. These were simply delish with queso,tomato salsa and chimichurri (is an uncooked sauce,it comes in a green and a red version and is originated from Argentinian cuisine) #HighlyRecommended

2.Mushroom Fricassee – Fricassee is a hybrid cooking method that combines both wet and dry heat. Buns stuffed brioche,tomato and basic sauce is a delight for vegetarians.

3.Cajun Prawns – Spiced prawns with garlic and Cajun spice,swimming in a pool of butter is served with a crusty french baguette. It was so so so yummy that the moment it was placed on the table it vanished in seconds. #HighlyRecommended #RepeatDish #JerlynRecommends

4.Rava crusted Bombil – Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. A treat to your taste buds. #Recommended

5.Spiced Chicken Wings – There are barely a few people who will say that they don’t like chicken wings. Infused with spices and topped with orange marmalade glaze was Love ❤  #Recommended


1. BBQ grilled Chicken – Grilled Chicken with sauteed veggies and scallion mashed potatoes was pretty decent.

2.Baked Lasagna – Creamed leeks,mushrooms and sweet potatoes with cheddar has something extra ordinary about it.


1.Pistachio and chocolate macrons- Now who doesn’t like macrons? Perfectly made with right amount of knack. ❤

2.Orange Chocolate Entremet – Chocolate and orange is sure a deadly combination. Now let the picture do the talking.

A big shoutout to Ms.Shivangi Shah and Sannaya Kadam (Carpe Diem) for inviting me and for being such an amazing host.
Picture Credits – Siddharth Gujar. 



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