IIHM: International Young Chef Olympiad. Viman Nagar

International Young Chef Olympiad,is the biggest young chef culinary competition in the world and this year i was invited to witness this grand competition as a Judge for the Culinary round at the IIHM Pune Campus.
The Second International Young Chef Olympiad (YCO) was organised by India’s largest Hotel School chain,International Institute Of Hotel Management (IIHM) and supported by by the Ministry Of Tourism,Govt.Of India,played host to over 50 countries for the much awaited culinary competition as the participating culinary students competed for the Gold Medal,title of International Young Chef Olympiad and a cash prize of $10,000.


The panel of judges for Young Chef Olympiad had some of the best known chefs and the hospitality stalwarts from all over the globe.


The chairman of the Jury was none other than the legendary Prof.David Foskett(OBE) (Author of bestselling book Practical Cookery and Theory of Catering).The Chief Judge for 2015 and 2016 was Chef Andreas Muller of the World Skills fame. And for


The Principal Judge and Mentor for the finale which was held at Kolkata was none other than Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and the panel comprised of celebrity chefs like -Chef Andreas Muller from Hong kong,Chef Andy Verma and Chef Romy Gill from UK,Chef Udo Leick from Dubai,Chef Kunal Kapoor,Chef Ranveer Brar,Chef Abhijit Saha,Chef Manjit Singh Gill,Chef Parvinder Bali,Chef Karen Anand,Chef Ajay Chopra,Chef Michele Prevedello,Chef Shaun Kenworthy,Chef Ruhee Bhimani among others.

And the countries that were a part of the Pune chapter on 31st January 2017 were Hong Kong,Ireland,Malaysia,Mexico,Nepal,Bhutan,China,Spain,France,Russia,Uganda,Maldives and many more.

So there was a set up where there were dishes placed which were made by the students and all the judges tasted their food and had a question – answer round and the program was followed by lunch and drinks.

A very interesting competition and amazing hospitality. And the one who made it through all the rounds went ahead to Kolkata for the finale.

A big shoutout to Mr.Yogesh and Team IIHM for having me over.

PC – Fat Foodie and Freaky Foodie (Maanas Shah)







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