Restaurant Review: Grillicious.Baner.


The history of grilling stretches back to caveman days, when a brilliant ancestor of ours discovered that holding meat directly over an open flame for an extended period of time “cooked” the meat.


So #TheCerealKillers were invited for an exclusive tasting at Grillicious. 


The tasting began with a few mocktails followed by a few starters and mains.And to give it a sweet ending we had a couple of desserts.



Vegeterian Munchies 

1.Potato 2 Ways – Very popular among kids. Mashed potatoes infused with Parmesan and Cheddar Cheese along with masala fries was the star of the meal.Loved the concept-Potato 2 Ways. #HighlyRecommended #RepeatDish #MustTry 

2.Masala Papad Platter – Now this particular item has created quite a buzz. #TheCerealKillers were very excited to taste this particular item. A huge wooden box which has all types of papads,dips and toppings. From shabudana papad to urad papad to naachni papad. Its basically known as DIY Papad. The concept is that everyone can make their own papad the way they like it. Just pick up whatever chutney,dips,toppings and there you go….. Your PAPAD YOUR WAY.


3.Mac n Cheese Samosa – Samosas stuffed with Mac n Cheese was something that didn’t please me.It was bland but a good option for kids as it is not spicy.

4.Green Mango Paneer Tikka – Amazing presentation but sadly  wasn’t that flavourful. The mango flavour was missing and it had lots and lots of turmeric which spoilt the entire dish making it taste bitter.


Meaty Delights 

1.American Smoked BBQ Wings – Chicken wings marinated in BBQ sauce and finished with some coffee was okayish. It was charred to such an extent that it became difficult for us to catch the coffee flavour.


2.Spicy Thai Red Chicken Tikka – In house made Thai Red (Indianized version) paste with a hint of Galangal,Lemongrass and Bird Eye Chilli was totally soul satisfying. #Recommended.


3.Sundried Tomato Italiano Chicken Tikka- Chicken with a hint of Italian Herbs and briny flavour of sundried tomatoes was pretty decent.
4.Grilled Jamaican Jerk Chicken -Jamaican style chicken cooked in pimento and a light flavour of Cinnamon was delish!


5.Piri Piri Prawns – This dish was a let down. The prawns were charred to such an extent that it completely took away the flavours of the other ingredients.



1.Malai Paneer Nawabi – Succulent pieces of paneer with mild spicy and creamy sauce with dominent flavour of garlic and coconut milk was nice and creamy. Loved it to the core.
2.Mushroom Afghani – Mushroooms slow cooked in creamy sauce,ginger,onions and  Garam Masalas from the North frontier was decent but would have loved the same preparation with meat.


3.Kacchhi Dal Tadka – Plain cooked creamy  yellow dal and then tempered with oil,fried spices and herbs,gets paired beautifully with jeera rice or plain rice. Simply delicious.


4.Kebab Pulao Paneer – Spiced rice topped with chargrilled paneer and smeared was okayish.


5.Khameeri Ghee Roti/Naan – Yellow in color,slightly fluffy and light Indian bread with Persian Influence was toothsome.


6.Butter Chicken Lasagna – Chargrilled chicken tikkas layered with cheese and lasagna sheets is an Indianized take on lasagna made with Indian ingredients. I didn’t like it and to be honest i have had better ones.


7.Murg Kalimiri Kebab Pie – Pie cups filled with Kalimiri Tikkas and served with Chefs special gravy made with lamb trotters and topped with crisp fried papad,was something very unusual and new.So wouldn’t pass any judgement over it.


8.Kebab Pulao Chicken – Spiced rice toppped with chargrilled chicken and smeared with creamy gravy tasted same like Kebab Pulao Paneer. Just replaced Paneer with Chicken.



1.Dark Chocolate Salted Oreo Pie – Layered dessert of oreo base,topped with salted caramel,topped with dark chocolate and garnished with oreo crumble was a sinful affair.

2.Apple Pie Fritters – A new take on Apple Pie.Apple pie served with vanilla ice cream topped with batter fried apple sticks topped with cinnamon and brown sugar sprinkled on top was delish.




A big thank you to Mr.Zubair Poonawala,Reachout PR team – Asif Agloria and Swapna Goel for inviting us and hosting us. 

 Picture Credits – Siddharth Gujar 



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