KitchnKraft Club. Baner


KitchnKraft Club is a gourmet cooking club where members gather monthly to prepare and savor exquisite dishes and share their culinary knowledge. All member share a common interest that is FOOD, good fellowship and in expanding their culinary skills. While members learn tips and tricks at every event,prior cooking experience is not required. From Novice to Masterchefs to Foodies to Professional Home Cooks,everyone can join KitchnKraft.


KitchnKraft club’s main aim is to reach to people who share the same interests and the common thread that brings people together is Food. The purpose of the club is to share the joy of cooking and eating together while building long-lasting relationships in the process.


Everyone can join the club.There is no condition what so ever on who can join. The club invites renowned  experts from the food industry to teach and share their knowledge and skills in most meetings. And the cherry on the cake is the tips and tricks that the personalities share which makes life even more easy and helps you enhance your culinary skills. KitchnKraft will also educate you about food and cooking through talks,videos and also live demos.


KitchnKraft Club is a strictly vegetarian club.

What exactly is the role of club members?? Well,let me elaborate a bit. KitchnKraft will create teams in  group.Every team gets a chance to split the grocery list,cook their dishes and bring it along to share it with everyone and ofcourse food and talks go hand-in-hand. Need i say anything more??

The meetings will be held once a month and will be on the last Saturday of every month. Now isn’t this cool?? I’m sure all of us can atleast give that one Saturday for some me time and be a part of the fun and frolic events at the Club.


So the first meet  (Grand Launch) of KitchnKraft Club was held on 28 January 2017,with an overwhelming response. As it was a grand meet it was held at Seasons Hotel,Aundh. There were 2 workshops that took place.

The first one was a chocolate making workshop and the other one was a session where the chef shared his valuable tips on chocolate making,types of chocolates,difference between a compound and a chocolate and bean to bar etc.

So the meet started with the first session by Chef Rakesh Sabnani,student of a renowned institute of IIHM,Aurangabad with a work experience of 15 years. And was associated with well known hotels like Taj,Hilton of Cochin,Sahara city in Amby Valley. 

So let me share my experience with you guys. Firstly it was a very well organized workshop.There was a projector on which everyone could see what all is happening on the working table.
Chef started off with teaching us a chocolate glaze and application of that and the temperature of the glaze which is required for spreading it over the cake. Then he taught us the drunken chocolate dessert. Smelling the aroma,we already felt drunk and definitely the name does justice to it.

Chef also taught us how to make chocolate garnishes which are ideal for placing on cakes and other desserts. This particular one was my favorite because i always wondered as to how all of this is made from chocolate. It’s just lots of experience and efforts and you too can be a  master at chocolate art. Though the temperature was not consistent but Chef Rakesh did a commendable job!


Now coming to the other chef. The other chef was none other than Chef Vikas Bagul. Born and brought up in Mumbai,he completed his education in Mumbai,at the reputed institute of IIHM. He worked at Leela hotel for four years then Carnival Cruise line for 1 year,then for 13 years at Oberoi. And after all of this started Trident in Mumbai at BKC. He has won all the pastry culinary competition in last 17 years. 21 gold,4 bronze,8 silver medals. He also represented India,three times at World Chocolate Master Competition. He was also voted as the best pastry chef of the country.

So Chef Vikas,gave us some important tips and tricks on how to handle chocolates. He says,’chocolates are babies that have to be handled very carefully’. So he gave a brief idea of how a chocolate is made and its journey from a bean to bar,temperature during tempering,difference between a compound and a chocolate,its content etc.

I enjoyed alot and attending this workshop has enhanced my knowledge in making chocolate and the next time i buy a chocolate i know how to identify a real chocolate and compound.

With the fantastic launch,now KitchnKraft Club is all set for its next session that is Mexican Fiesta which will be on 25th February 2017. 

Following are the details of the upcoming event.


-Learn new recipes,tips ans tricks from the experts.

-Connect with the like minded people and enjoy exciting group activities.

-And you’ll also get offers and discounts from many food joints and cafes.



First time registration fees is Rs.2000 per person which includes an apron,cooking tool kit and a recipe notebook. And the annual membership fees is only Rs.10,000 and you can make the payments through Net Banking,Cheque,Cash etc.


Komal Pungaliya – 88888 46008

Follow on- for updates.



KitchKraft Club,2/284/1 Pungaliya House,Pallod Farm,Phase 3,Lane next to Vijay Sales,Baner,Pune 411045.






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