Restaurant Review : Tipico Espanõl Restaurante and Bar. NIBM (Kondhwa)

Spaniards LOVE their food! Traditional Spanish Cuisine is down-to-earth,uncomplicated food that is based on the ingredients available locally or the crops grown regionally.

Mr.Zubair Poonawala of ReachOut PR,approached me for a food tasting to which i agreed immediately.

We visited Tipico Espanõl on a Monday,inspite of being a Monday,the place was  swarming with people and  had a great lively atmosphere. The seating arrangement is quite comfortable and the interiors are done really well.

This restaurant is one of its kind. Mr.Ramesh Perumal (Owner),shared with us that Tipico Espanõl is the only authentic Spanish Restaurant not only in Pune,but in all of Maharashtra. They believe in serving authentic Spanish Cuisine which is made from proper ingredients that are imported from Spain.

We also made a small trip to the kitchen. They have separate counters and crockery for preparing  veg and non veg food. Also,the servers wear proper gloves while serving food. Brownie points for the hygiene! :mrgreen:

Mr.Ramesh has taken great care while designing the restaurant,the interiors and for that matter even the restroom. There are different restrooms for both – men and women. On asking him about the concept of making two different restrooms,he explained that in Spain or any other country,they focus more on the restrooms than the restaurant.


So what all did we try ?

Well to begin with we started with a few


1.Mango Mint

2.Watermelon Mojito


4.Blue Lagoon

5.Pinacolada -My absolute favorite. Love love love 💗

Starters and Mains. 

1. Pan de Ajo – Garlic Bread – Slices of bread brushed with butter and topped with chopped garlic and parsley. One of us ended up ordering for another portion. I think this sentence says it all 😉 #HighlyRecommended #RepeatDish

2.Pande Tumaco – Tomato Bread – Sliced from a loaf and topped with freshly chopped tomatoes,garlic and drizzled with lots of olive oil.

3. Tortilla Espanõla – Spanish Omelette –  Nicely beaten eggs and then tossed with onions and eggs until fluffy and then mixed with olive oil and served with a dip and 2 slices of bread was yummilicious! It looks like a cheesecake 😍

4.Crambas Al Agillo – Garlic Shrimps – Shrimps seasoned with salt and then tossed with garlic,chilli flakes and parsley,prepared in lots of olive oil had very light flavors. #HighlyRecommended #MyFavourite

5. Champinoñes Al Agillo – Garlic Mushrooms – Chopped mushrooms with loads of garlic,hot peppers and olive oil. Simply flavorful.

6.Pollo Al Agillo – Garlic Chicken – Chicken marinated with finely chopped garlic,onions,parsley and pepper had lots of olive oil to it. #Healthy #Recommended

7.Croquetas De Verduras – Crispy Vegetable Balls – Crispy on the outside,soft and potato-ey on the inside and full of veggies,served with a dip. I didn’t like it much as it was little bland.

8.Paella Pollo Y Verduras – Chicken and vegetable Paella – Firstly the portion size is huge. Paella is a rice preparation. Rice with chicken,pepper,kidney beans,red pepper,tomatoes. Was simply toothsome!

9.Paella Pollo Vegetal – Vegetable Paella- Rice with green peppers,beans,kidney beans,garlic,olive oil,tomatoes and veggies.

1. Flan Con Caramel – This one had a very strong smell of eggs to it. The smell spoilt the entire dish for me.

2. Mousse – Made from whipped cream and apricot and garnished with cherries was a tad too sweet for my liking but a delight for people who have a major sweet tooth! On telling Mr.Ramesh,he explained that the authentic mousse is supposed to be very sweet.

Overall it was a fabulous experience.

A big shoutout to Mr.Ramesh Perumal and Mr.Zubair Poonawala (Reachout PR) for inviting us and hosting us.

Picture Credits – Ajay Khare-Khot and Rohit Karvekar. 



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