Restaurant Review : Sirka Multi Cuisine. Baner.

Located on Baner- Pashan Link road along with a string of other restaurants. ‘Sirka’ means Vinegar in English,The place is nicely lit and has wooden seating arrangements.

Mr.Rohan Khare (owner) sent me an invitation for a tasting.

So here’s what all i tried at Sirka

We ordered –

1.Chicken Noodle Soup – Clear Chicken soup with oodles of noodles and diced chicken was perfect.

2.Manchow Soup – Manchow soup had lots of vinegar to it,which eventually spoilt the whole soup. Thus,i’d give this one a miss.

3.Corn Tikki – In house made corn tikki with American corn,chopped onions,green chillies and Indian spices and served with tomato ketchup were okayish.

4. Chicken Banjara Kebabs – The star of the meal. Tender chicken marinated in spices and cooked to perfection,served with mint chutney. #HighlyRecommended #MustTry #Yummilicious

5.Butter Chicken with Butter Naan – Butter Chicken was just the way i like it. Simply delish and the butter naan went hand in hand with it. Piquant! #HighlyRecommended #MustTry

6. Cold Coffee – It was pretty decent considering the price. Perfectly chilled with right amount of sweetness.

7.Ice Tea – Ice tea was just average. Nothing special about it.

8. Brownie Breaker with vanilla ice cream – This one was a let down. The brownie was hard. Well,actually very hard. It became very difficult to cut through.

A big shoutout to Mr.Rohan Khare and Kaizen for inviting me and for being such an amazing host.



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