Baking Workshop : Cocoa Cottage. 

 You don’t want to be stressed do you? Well,to avoid this you have to reverse being stressed. And what happens when you reverse it? You come up with DESSERTS. So,DESSERTS are the solution to being stressed!


“Her energetic commitment to excellence extendeds beyond the kitchen.”

A young Entrepreneur,par excellence.
Ruhee Bhimani, Pastry Chef,Cocoa Cottage ,Mumbai.

Ruhee Bhimani may not have been born with a sliver spoon in her mouth but she seemed to have been raised with a spatula in her hand and an undying passion for culinary arts.

Upon graduating hotel management,Ruhee interned with Grand Hyatt,Mumbai.After her stint with Hyatt,she had the opportunity to work under tutelage of renowned Master Pastry Chefs and Master Chocolateirs in Dubai,New Zealand,Paris and Turkey.

Her dreams of opening up her own chocolate and dessert retail store led her to accomplish it early in her career in 2011 at Pune city in India. Established under brand name Cocoa Cottage,for 2 years years it rapidly gained popularity and embedded Ruhee as a professional baker chef from there on. Ruhee has been teaching everything to do with baking in professional monthly hands on workshops for bakers and home entrepreneurs,which are held at her personal Culinary  Studio,Andheri West,Mumbai.

She did various corporate events for some of the top brands include Mercedes,BMW,Deutsche Bank,DBS bank,Bajaj and Zee Channel,most recent being BaCon 2016 held at Goa,and Knead It at Pune.

She then went on to pursue courses in Chocolates and Pralines and French Entremet from Le Cordon Bleu,Paris.

It has been over 3 years she has been regularly conducting elaborate course on chocolates,desserts and bakery,have over 55 courses at Cocoa Cottage is all EGGLESS & HANDS ON, and has helped more than 5000 students and home bakers by being a true mentor and providing the lifelong inspiration and support. She offers more than 65 unique courses and believes in taking only hands-on workshops for gaining maximum benefits for the students.

“Effortless innovating time and again.” ~

Ruhee continues to reinvent herself through her cross over bake recipes to craft original sheer delights which are most appealing to the eye and palate.

She takes great care over the aesthetics of her bakes and desserts creating stunning and perfectly executed delicacies.
Ruhee Bhimani’s  USP is her Eggless Products, Cakes,confectionery,desserts
-Eggless Macarons
-Brookies(her own invention)
-Festive Chocolates
-Gluten free and protein bakes
-Eggless French Entremet

Are only some of her creations.

Team Cocoa Cottage approached me to attend a 2 days workshop and an exclusive tasting and that got me thrilled and i agreed immediately.

So I attended a 2 day workshop

1.Eggless French Macarons

2.Petit French Entremet

1.Eggless French Macarons. 

For the ones who don’t know what macarons are,let me explain

Macarons- pastel cookies that are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside – are the burgers of the dessert world. The birth of these meringue based sandwich cookies is attributed to Catherine de Medici and her team of Italian chefs that she brought with her after getting married to King Henry II of France. Initially,macarons were simple cookies made from almond meal,sugar and eggs.

But as everyone knows  Ruhee is the ‘Queen of Eggless Baking’, she came up with an eggless recipe for these macarons.

Ruhee says,Macarons are ‘finicky cookies’. So expect to have a number of hits & misses before you get a handle on them. But she also has some helpful pointers

1.Temperature is a matter of life and death for macarons.

2.If your macarons burst while baking,its either your oven was too hot or you haven’t tapped enough or your cutting and folding technique was bad.

3.Remember the 90 degree piping rule.

4.If your macarons don’t develop ‘feet’,its either because the oven isn’t hot enough or you have left them resting for too long.

5.When you cook macarons for a short time on a high temperature oven,they turn out hollow.

6.When it comes to adding color to your macarons,there are 2 ways.

a) Adding it to the batter while cutting and folding or

b) Squeeze some color of your choice in the end of your piping bag before adding the filling.

Follow these tips and voila you have some toothsome macarons.

The second day it was Petit French Entremet 

An entremet is a multi layered mousse-based cake with various complementary flavors and varying textural contrasts.

“Petit Entremet” as the name suggests its smaller in portion size hence,ideal for individual serving!

1.Entremet Coffea
– This one is an infusion of Dulchelechepanacotta,gooey brownie,bavarian coffee mousse,pate sable and chocolate glaze.

2.Entremet Citrus Spice
– A blend of baked pineapple with banana caramel spice sauce,citrus sponge,orange mousse and cocoa spray.

Both the items were piquant!

It was an amazing experience! Learned so many new things with the right techniques. And it only gets better because it’s a total hands on session and a certified course. Ruhee is a fabulous teacher,be it a middle aged or a teenager,she’ll always call you as a “bachcha”.

A big shoutout to Team Cocoa Cottage,Ms.Ruhee Bhimani,Sanaya and Anagha Kunte,Natasha G.(Team Cocoa Cottage) for inviting me.

Looking forward to attending some more workshops.

Location where held in Pune.

Ana’s Baking Studio


Cocoa Cottage Contact :

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This write up is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this write up are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The write up is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted,copied or plagiarized from any source. However i have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/ PR.
All rights reserved.

Picture Courtesy – Cocoa Cottage 



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