Farzi Cafe – Cake Mixing Ceremony. Kalyani Nagar. 

As the festive season is setting in,the Farzi Cafe,Pune came up with a very innovative idea. Since Christmas is known for sharing the joy of giving.

Farzi Cafe came up with the idea of doing something for the underprivileged kids by organising a Charity Cake Mixing Ceremony. 

We were invited for a cake mixing which was followed by some finger foods and wine.

So let me give a brief idea of what exactly is this Charity Cake Mixing Ceremony. 

The cake mixing ceremony was open to all and also donations were welcomed in kind,cash and cheques which will be used to fulfill the needs of the underprivileged kids. The guests who donated above Rs.300/- were provided with a voucher for Christmas Treat which included their speciality dessert and a glass of wine for two.

So what exactly is cake mixing?

Christmas is no fun without traditional Christmas Cake,isn’t it?

The history of the cake mixing ceremony dates back to the 17th century,when it marked the arrival of the harvest season. During this time lots of fruits and nuts were harvested and prepared to go into the making of the traditional plum cake. The mix was saved up for the next harvest season with the hope that the coming year would bring with it another abundant year.

All the guests were handed over chef caps,aprons and gloves and were invited to mix all the ingredients together. The cake mix was prepared by mixing of dry fruits such as raisins,glazed dates,cherries,candied orange,pistachios,cashews,candied ginger chips and almonds with whisky,brandy,rum and red wine.

We loved getting our hands sticky with all the mixtures of the alcohol and mixing all the ingredients together using our muscle power and slyly tasting both fruit and alcohol for our own check of approval before mixing it all together!
Once all the fruits were laid out,spices such as cinnamon powder and nutmeg powder were sprinkled into the mix.

The colors and aromas that started to surface were fantastic! The drinks were flowing and everyone was in high spirits with great atmosphere.

It was a wonderful experience and enjoyed by all!

The soaked mix was put into containers to be left for a few weeks for the fruits to soak up the alcohol to give us a very moist cake with juicy dried fruits.

The event was followed by some mocktails and finger foods which were carefully curated and added to the menu for the day by Chef Durgesh Bhogvekar. 


1.Tempura fried prawns

2.Dal chawal arancini

3.Mac n Cheese Balls


A big shoutout to Shweta Chaugule – ELSOL  PR,Ramandeep Brar and Team Farzi for inviting us and for being such amazing hosts.

Picture Credits -Siddharth Gujar. 


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