Restaurant Review : Namo Thali. Viman Nagar. 

In a country like India where every region cooks up an elaborate menu,the best way to explore any regional cuisine would be to settle for a ‘Thali‘. It is an absolute delight to eat a little bit of everything from the best that a cuisine can offer.
The Chefs here are addressed as ‘Maharaj‘, they have created a unique combination of authentic food and fine dining.
Namo Thali sent me an invitation to sample their cuisine.
I settled for a

1.Special Maharaja Thali (Unlimited) – (270) – This thali consists of 2 sweets,2 Farsan’s,4 sabzi,3 types of roti,2 Rice,Dal,Kadhi,Chach,Chutney,Mix Papad and Achaar) – All the items were very yummy and pretty decent. A delight for all vegetarians and also non vegetarians for that matter. They change the items on their menu every single day. That means no repeat sabzi or dal even if you visit this place thrice a week.

2.Ghee Dal Khichadi – Rice and lentil preparation,tempered with Desi Ghee and Indian Spice. Simple yet delish. #Recommended.
They have also started delivering delicious Bengali and Rajasthani Meethai. You have to place the order 2 days prior and there you are with some freshly prepared sweets at your doorstep.
You can also order online –
The whole menu is created by Mr.Govind Sadani and undoubtedly he has done a fabulous job.

Thanks to team Namo Thali  for inviting and hosting me.


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