Restaurant Review : R’Adda. Shivaji Nagar. 

R’Adda finally opens its doors to Punekars. Located on the 1st floor of Ramee Grand. It’s a part of the Ramee Grand’s international chain of hotels. Internationally they have their restaurants in Dubai,Abu Dhabi,Bahrain and Oman. And in India,in Mumbai,Pune,Bengaluru,Chennai and Tirupati. They are also planning to spread their wings in cities like Surat,Indore,New Delhi,NCR- Noida.

#FriendsofTheBteam were invited for an exclusive tasting.

The interior is designed in the same way in almost all their outlets and so is the presentation of the food.
And the theme? It’s a swanky Bikers Theme. Yes! You read it right.

They’ll be having Shisha as well,which you can enjoy with a drink or two or even with some delicious food for that matter.

The walls have wacky quotes written all over. They have lower seating at corners which can accommodate big groups and in the center section there are long chairs and tables each distant from each other. This doesn’t look cramped and leaves enough space which after one point is required. The place has an energetic vibe to it and the interior is lively which lifts your mood instantly.

So coming to food.

1. Lipstick (Rs. 240) – Girly name right?? A refreshing drink made from strawberry and orange juice and finished with a mint leaf… And it definitely leave a mark on your lips #Recommended.

2. Orange and Basil (Rs.240) – A must have when you visit this place. One of the best mocktails i’ve had in recent times. Made from orange juice with basil,lime,sugar and soda. #MyFavourite #MustTry #HighlyRecommended.

3. Safe Sex on Beach (Rs.240) – A blend of cranberry,orange,hazelnut and peach. Nothing extra ordinary about this one.


1.Dokhla Skewers (200) – Traditional dokhla served with a twist. Dokhla with proper tadka of green chilli,curry leaves,mustard and the hatke twist was that it was drizzled with mayonnaise and served with along with two different chutneys – Green and Red Chutney. But the dokhlas were a little dry and it became difficult for us to swallow it with ease.

2.Mumbai Ka Don (Rs.170) – Still guessing? Well,then let me tell you. It’s our very own vada pav. Scrumptious vada pav with traditional chutneys. #Yummilicious #Recommended #MustTry.

3.BBQ Paneer Skewers (Rs.250) – Paneer cubes marinated in spices and finished with mayonnaise and served with pickled onions and mint chutney was delish.

4.Tandoori Lollypop (Rs.280) – Loved by kids as well as adults. The spicy and full flavoured pieces of chicken on bone are coated in batter and deep fried. It lives upto its name and no one can have just one. #EnoughSaid #Recommended

5.Masala Onion Rings (Rs.200) – One of the best onion rings i’ve had till date. Non greasy rings served with mayonnaise. Absolutely yummy. Now let the picture do the talking. #HighlyRecommended #MustTry #MyFavourite

6.Garlic Pepper Mushroom (Rs.210) – This was little spicy for my liking.

7.Masala Peanuts (Rs.100)- Raw,roasted peanuts with skin tossed out and assorted with finely chopped onions,tomatoes,coriander and chaat masala. And just to give it that extra edge served with a slice of lemon. Squeezeeeeee in and enjoy….

8.Potato Wedges (Rs.120) – Potato Wedges with their secret masala and served with 2 different types of dips – Spicy mayonnaise and classic mayonnaise. #Recommended.

9.Adda Wings (Rs.280)- Totally different from the regular wings. Chicken wings marinated in spices and then put in tandoor and then deep fried and tossed in sauces. #HighlyRecommended #MyFavourite #MustTry #Yummilicious.

10.Chicken Popcorn (Rs.300)- Golden bite sized tender pieces of chicken that are soft from inside and crusty outside with spicy mayonnaise and served with a spicy dip. #HighlyRecommended #MustTry #MyFavourite #Yummilicious.

11.Crunchy Chicken Sliders (Rs.260) – Miniature burgers with a crunchy chicken patty,mayonnaise and lettuce,served with tomato ketchup.Simple yet tasty. #Recommended


1.Mutton Rogan Biryani (Rs.400) – Unlike the other biryanis this one is served in a different way. Plain rice with a gravy which is served in a separate plate. Though i’m not a mutton person but i loved this one. #HighlyRecommended #MustTry.

2.Bhuna Chicken with Tawa Paratha (Rs.370) – Boneless chicken with traditional Indian spices,served with parathas. Toothsome! #Recommended.

3.Kheema with paratha.

4.Veg Pulao.


1.Baked Cheesecake with Ginger Ice Cream (Rs.340) – The cheesecake was a let down as the texture was powdery and the biscuit base was hard (maybe the use of butter made it hard). But the ice cream was yummy. Something very unusual.

2.Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream (Rs.280) – Sizzling chocolate brownie with warm chocolate sauce and a big scoop of vanilla. Sinful Indulgence! Aahhh…. #MustTry #HighlyRecommended #MyFavourite #Yummilicious.

Post 11 pm this place turns into a Mad House – Few beers down with electrifying music,the place doesn’t leave you much of a choice than to dance.

So this place is a new Party Destination for all the party freaks in town.

Thanks to Mr.Nihit Srivastava and Anjan Chakraborty for inviting us and hosting us.


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  1. Fatfoodie says:

    I missed BBQ Panner Skewers


    1. Oops. Never mind. Next time


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