Restaurant Review : Topkapi. Magarpatta.

Firstly let me explain what exactly Topkapi means,Topkapi is a palace in Istanbul,Turkey which was one of the major residences of the Ottoman Sultans for almost 400 years (1465 – 1856) of their 624 years reign.
Topkapi invited #TheBTeam and #FriendsofTheBteam for an exclusive tasting session.

Topkapi has an open lounge where in one can meet up with friends over a drink and have some lip smacking finger food. Whatever you order from the menu has a hint of spices to it. From mocktails to food,you’ll find a punch of spices to all of them.

Now coming to food.

Topkapi Punch Mocktail and Khan Saab Punch Mocktail – Both the mocktails had a very unique taste and flavor. Both had a hint of spices to it.


1. Hariyali Palak Aur Sev Chaat – Palak was never so interesting. The first bite and it was a blast of flavors in my mouth. Crispy fried Palak,dressed in yogurt,tamarind chutney,sev and Indian spices. #MyFavourite #MustTry #HighlyRecommended

2.Karara Paneer Kebab – Paneer marinated in salt,pepper,spices and coated with wheat warq and deep fried making it crispy and spicy while leaving the inner still soft and juicy.

3. Murg Malai Kebabs – Succulent pieces of chicken marinated in spices like ground cloves,cinnamon,cardamom,fenugreek,fennel,peppercorns,turmeric and then cooked until the chicken absorbs the flavors of all the spices. It was toothsome. #MustTry #HighlyRecommended

4. Gosh ke Gappe – This was something very unique. Crispy puris filled with meat and topped with onions,green chutney and coriander. #MyFavourite #MustTry #HighlyRecommended

5. Sarsone Mahi Kebabs – Luscious fillet of fish flavors with creamy mustard and cooked in clay oven. Flavorful!

6. Tandoori Bharwan Khumb – Mushrooms stuffed with creamed spinach,cheese and barbequed in tandoor was something I enjoyed eating.#Recommended

7.Tala Hua Gosht – Mutton marinated with spices and roasted on tawa was a little too spicy for my liking.

8.Tundey Kebabs -Juicy,soft shallow fried mutton kebabs with special Lucknowvi spices. This one had a very strong flavor of spices to it. I’d give this one a miss.

Soup / Shorba

1. Tamatar Tulsi Shorba – Basil infused traditional tomato shorba served piping hot. #Recommended

2.Murgh Dhaniya Shorba – Chicken shorba flavoured with fresh coriander and indian spices. #Yummilicious


1. Murgh Biryani – Biryani with saffron flavoured aromatic basmati rice and tender chicken. Served with raita.

2. Paneer Methi Corn Biryani – A unique medley of basmati rice,malai paneer,garden fresh fenugreek leaves,corn nibblet,tossed in their in house secret masala. I’d prefer this one over the Murgh Biryani. #HighlyRecommended #MustTry #MyFavourite #Yummilicious.


1.Gulaab Jamun- Huge,piping hot gulaab jamun topped with chopped nuts was pretty decent.

2. Khubani ka Meetha – Famous dessert of Hyderabad made from apricots blanched in flavoured syrup. Love love love…. #MustTry #HighlyRecommended #MyFavourite #SoulSatisfying

Thanks to team Topkapi for inviting and hosting us.



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  1. noelleg44 says:

    What can I say but YUMMY! Thank you for following my blog – stop by any time! There will be a shout out to you in a post later this week.


    1. Thank you so much…. That’s so thoughtful of you. 😍😘


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