Restaurant Review : Irish House. Viman Nagar. 

Irish House recently launched their Lunch Deal and we were invited for an #ExclusiveTasting.

So the Lunch Deals introduced by them are as follows :-

Vegetarian – Rs.275*

Non Vegetarian – Rs.325* and also you can pair these with

Beer @ Rs.95*   and

Sangria @ Rs.145*

All the three elements i.e.the appetizers,mains and sides are served together. The appetizers and mains have 12 varieties each. 6 being vegetarian and 6 being non vegetarian and for the sides there are 4 items to choose from.

So coming to food. We had

1. Spaghetti Bolognese with BBQ Glazed Grilled Chicken and cheese garlic bread – Durum wheat spaghetti drizzled with olive oil and infused with finely chopped onions,celery,garlic,sprigs of rosemary,dried oregano,bay leaves,tomato puree and red chillies was my favorite. The consistency of the sauce was just right and the BBQ Glazed Grilled Chicken complimented it really well. The garlic bread was just the normal garlic bread topped with cheese #Recommended.

2. Pan seared Chicken with funghi rice,smokey BBQ chicken sliders and home made potato wedges – Chicken breasts drizzled with oil and then seasoned with a good crust of salt and pepper and then finished with herbs and garlic was simply delish! The funghi rice was made using arborio rice (generally used for risottos) had really mild flavors which went well with the chicken preparation. The BBQ Chicken Sliders were a let down as the BBQ sauce was over powering the entire dish. The potato wedges were just perfect.

3.Grilled Harissa Fish Steak with mashed potatoes and burnt garlic sauce,grilled veggies and herb crusted fish nuggets – Fish fillet combined with Harissa simply is a wonderful combination. Somkey spice to the delicate flavor of the fish while the grilled veggies give the required crunch to the whole dish. Mashed potato with fish nuggets is another deadly combination.

4. Sesame crusted fish with peperonata rice and coriander cream sauce,crispy fries with chicken olivetti – Fish fillets crusted with black sesame seeds and deep fried until golden brown with herb rice was lip smacking and the coriander cream sauce was a cherry on the cake. Chicken olivetti was grilled chicken pieces with olives,served on satay sticks. #Recommended.

5. Grilled Cottage cheese sandwich – Simply loved this one. Absolutely fulfilling sandwich with the right amount of filling to it.

6. Chicken Popcorn and Jalapeno Popcorn – Both the items were a superhit. #HighlyRecommended #MustTry

7. Herb Crusted Cottage cheese steak with peperonata Rice and Cream cheese sauce – Soft succulent pieces of cottage cheese crusted with herbs and the rice were a great combination. It went hand in hand and the cheese sauce was another bonus.

Other cocktails and mocktails we had :-

So if you want to enjoy a quick meal with a drink or two then this is the place for you. A big shoutout to team Irish House for inviting us and hosting us.


Picture Credits – Siddharth Gujar 


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