Restaurant Review : Cuisine & Co.Kothrud.

Cuisine & located in the bylanes of Mayur Colony,Solaris Club. Kothrud Since its in club premises many people aren’t aware that this restaurant is open to non members as well.

It was Mr.Navin Patrick’s dream to run his own restaurant,rather have his own chain of restaurants. After working in the food industry he started with Cuisine & Co. In August,2016.

So coming to food. We started off with

1.Chilli and orange mojito – Chilli and orange mojito is like taking regular mojito to the next level. This drink was presented in a rock glass. Orange slices,mint sprigs,lemon and ice cubes all muddled together with green chillies. The sudden hit of chillies come as a surprise. #MustTry #HighlyRecommended


1.Roasted Pumpkin with cheese dumpling- A silky textured soup made from roasted deseeded pumpkin and cheese dumpling (balls made from cheese) was a delicious combination. #Recommended.

2.Chicken Spring Soup – Chicken soup with spring onion amd other seasoning was a superhit. Everyone loved it and thoroughly enjoyed it. #HighlyRecommended #AbsoluteWinner #Yummilicious.


1.Fish and Asparagus Roll – Blanched asparagus and shredded fish along with loads of cheese rolled up and deep fried until golden brown. These rolls are served with two different dips.i.e.tomato ketchup and mayonnaise and pickled veggies.

2.Golden Shrimp Balls – Shrimps chopped into small pieces and seasoned with salt,pepper and other Indian spices and coated in batter and deep fried until crisp. These were served with a dip ( beetroot dip) was pretty decent.


1.Pinacolada Salad – I’m not a salad person but i loved this one. Simply loved it. Crunchy lettuce,capsicum,coconut,pineapple,green chilli and finished with a dash of chilli flakes. #HighlyRecommended #MustTry

2.Beverly Hills Salad – Lettuce,diced onions,french beans,cherry tomatoes,mushrooms infused in soy sauce. It had a pungent flavor. Thus,i’d give this one a miss.


1. Fish Florentine Roulade with spicy pineapple sauce – Served in the form of a roll,made from a fish fillet and stuffed with spinach,mashed potatoes and pineapple sauce and sauteed veggies like babycorn,bell peppers,broccoli on the side. The spicy pineapple sauce was simply piquant!

2. Kolkata Biryani – This one is quite distinct in flavors from the rest and stands out with the use of potato in the biryani. I personally loved the combination of meat and potato together. And its not very spicy. Makes for a perfect meal and the raita is a cherry on the cake.

3. Lemon Chicken – Succulent pieces of chicken with kasundi and herbed rice and with sauteed veggies like babycorn,bell peppers and broccoli. The combination of chicken and kasundi go hand in hand.#Recommended.

4.Thai Sizzler – Caramelized vegetables like spinach and onions on the side with rice in the centre and thai style prepared prawns on top with sauteed veggies like carrots,cauliflower,babycorn,bell peppers. Simply delish! Loved the prawns. #HighlyRecommended


1.Walnut Fudge Brownie – This one was a let down. It was hard. It tasted fine but would have been better if the brownie was soft and moist.

2.Arabic Pistachio with butter frosting – The name says it all,made from whole lot of pistachios and butter cream frosting. Pretty decent but the butter frosting didn’t go well with it. Whipped cream would have made it even better.

3. Belgium Chocolate Duets – This was an absolute winner. Layers of chocolate and topped with chocolate shavings,dusted with icing sugar. #MyFavourite #MustTry #HighlyRecommended

The ambience is PERFECT for a date! But the service was slow as their kitchen is on the ground floor. So it takes little time for your food to arrive but they are planning to shift their kitchen on the same floor. So maybe they won’t face the same problem in the near future.

Thanks to Mr.Navin Patrick for inviting us and hosting us.



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