Restaurant Review: Yaaree Cafe. S.B Road.

The Yaaree Cafe is located on S.B. Road. This restaurant is a newbie in town. The menu is simple and the food is priced reasonably. This place is perfect to hangout with your friends. The interiors depict different kinds of bonds that we share with our buddies.

So coming to food. We had,

1.Ginger Tea

2.Hazelnut Coffee

3.Cold Coffee

4.Mint Mojito

5.Apple Mojito

6.Dal Pakoda

7.Chura Matar

8.Italian Maggi

9.Veggies in Cream Sauce

10.Chhole Bhature

11.Pav Bhaji

1. Cold Coffee- It was good but needed little more sugar.


2. Mint and apple Mojito- Both the drinks were perfect in terms of flavors. It had the proper punch to it. #HighlyRecommended #Winner

3.Dal Pakoda- Golden brown pakodas served  hot with a green chutney and tomato sauce and finished with some chaat masala. The chaat masala made it little too salty.

4.Chura Matar- Chura sauteed in ghee and the matar is boiled matar with a watery consistency. Both chura and matar compliment each other really well. #Recommended.

5.Italian Maggi – 2 minute wali se jyada samay lenewali maggi ( its written on their menu). Maggi made in mushroom sauce and loaded with lots of veggies like carrots,cabbage and onions was simply delish!

6.Veggies in Cream Sauce – Made in bechamel sauce with veggies like mushrooms,onions,carrots. Though it was tasty but the consistency of the bechamel sauce was a little runny.

7.Chhole Bhature – Bhaturas were perfect but the chhole were sour as it had too much tamarind to it.

8.Pav Bhaji – Not a fan of khada pav bhaji,so i’d give this one a miss.

The service was very slow as some of their staff members were on an unexpected leave.

Overall it was a good experience. Thanks to Mr.Sumit Shah and Divya for inviting #TheBTeam and #TheFriendsOfTheBTeam  and for being such an amazing host.



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