Restaurant Review : Tea Trails. Law College Road.

Tea Trails,run by Zone 8 Tea World Pvt.Ltd,is India’s first Tea Cafe Chain with a carefully curated range of the finest teas and eats. Tea Trails as a brand has been making rapid strides and it now operates a chain of more than 30 Cafes & Bistros collectively. Tea Trails has now expanded its footprints across 8 cities. Tea Trails today operates its Cafes & Bistros across Bengaluru,Chennai,Hyderabad,Mumbai,New Delhi,Noida,Pune & Visakhapatnam.

Different styles of teas are created by varying the contours & chemistry of the Camellia sinensis leaf. Prosaically called “processing”,the leaves undergo five phases,some teas not requiring all of them,others requiring a repetition of the steps. Tea is created by plucking the leaves,then allowing them to wither,after which they are rolled to mould their shape & wring out their juices. The leaves are then oxidized,where the cell walls are broken apart after exposure to oxygen & then resulting compounds lend flavors and aromas to the tea leaves. Oxidation is the most crucial process because it defines the class of tea. Lastly tea leaves are dried to create the tea we sip in leisure.


1. Oolong Tea – One of the most time consuming teas to create is Oolong Tea. It utilizes all five steps repeatedly,and the tea can be oxidized anywhere from 8% – 80%. The leaves are rolled and then allowed to rest and naturally oxidize. This process is repeated over many hours or days creating an exquisite layering of aroma and flavor. Oolong typically has much more complex flavor than Green or White teas,with very smooth,soft astringency and rich in floral or fruity flavors.

2.Black Tea – Black Tea also utilizes all five basic steps,but is allowed to oxidize more completely. Also,the steps are followed in a very linear form,they are generally not repeated in a single batch. This tea offers strong flavors. I’d recommend this one for people who like strong teas.

3.Red Zen Tisane – A bright red coloured brew,this is a sweet and tart blend of hibiscus,orange peel,lemon grass,lavender,cloves,licorice root and stevia. Virtually any flower,fruit or herb that can be steeped in water and ingested can become a Tisane. This one has a very strong flavor. It is sour and tastes more like kokam sherbat.

4.Smoky Chinese Lapsang Souchong- Smoky aroma with golden coppery color with distinctive flavors was my favorite.
5.Kashmiri Kahwa – A hot comforting beverage made from a blend of green tea,spices and almonds,that traditionally comes from Kashmir. It had a very mild flavor.

6.Kullad Chai – A rich tea brewed with Indian spices served in an baked clay kullad which adds an earthy flavour. #Recommended


1.Naive Monk – Green tea combined with cucumber was a very refreshing and cool drink.

2.Better Wife – This drink was an absolute winner. Punch of tea draped in fruity flavors for a compassionate saga.#HighlyRecommended #MustTry

3.Cranberry Iced Tea – The punch of Cranberry was missing. I’d give this one a miss.

4.Matcha Shake – A nouvelle shake,thick and rich with the punch of a Japanese Matcha. It is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. According to the Chinese and Japanese tea ceremony it is served hot but here you find it in the form of a shake. Thus worth a try.


1. Tea rubbed chicken salad – Chicken rubbed with tea and with veggies like bell peppers,black olives and lettuce is a great combination!

2.Marble Egg Salad – Tea infused salad with textured eggs with garlic was something i enjoyed eating. Ate it to bits.

3.Burmese Tea Salad – A combination of chopped tomatoes,greens,peanuts,tea leaves,sprouts,sesame and sesame oil. I’d give this one a miss.


Paneer and Chicken Sandwich – Perfectly grilled sandwiches,both were pretty decent with proper amount of filling. Both the fillings were infused in BBQ sauce. The Chicken Sandwich is worth a try. #Yummilicious #Recommended


Fresh,soft buns with butter. We were served with  2 types of buns- fruity and a plain bun. Perfect accompaniment. Tea and buns always go hand in hand.


Deep fried pakodas until golden brown were simply delish! They serve it with a green chutney.



Black Forest and Dutch Truffle Pastry – nothing exceptional about them. Just normal pastries.

Thanks to Mr.Anish Deshmukh for hosting us and also for teaching us how to brew tea to perfection!

So whenever you crave for tea….. Tea Trails is the place to be.



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