Restaurant Review : Time Out. Baner

Located in Baner,opposite Oriental Bank,this is a Sports Bar. They have both indoor and rooftop seating area. Open lounge with a picturesque view of the city.

Rahul Verma (the owner), sent me an invitation for a tasting.
He is an engineer turned businessman. He has been a foodie all his life and is also passionate about food. On asking Rahul about the whole idea of creating a restaurant with a sports bar, he said, with erratic work timings and changing pattern of living people find it difficult to find time for themselves. They either choose entertainment or a peaceful meal at some restaurant.

So he thought of clubbing both things together and this is how Time Out came into existence!

The place is designed by Rahul himself. They have board games like  Pictureka,Battleship,Chess,Jenga,Pool,Foosball,Dart and what not! You name it and you have it.

(1) Mojito and Milkshake
1. Mint Mojito – Just as it should be. A refreshing drink with the proper punch of mint.

2. Pretty Woman – Quite a catchy name. This drink was a blend of mango juice,pineapple juice,ice cream and coconut cream was an absolute winner. #HighlyRecommended

3. Strawberry Milkshake – Just the regular strawberry shake. It was pretty decent.

(2) Appetizers.
1.Crispy Paneer – Special dish of the day. Cottage cheese cut into triangle shape,marinated in Indian spices and coated with fried papad,served along with a spicy dip was simply delish. #Recommended

Crispy Paneer
2. Paneer Corn Seekh Kebab – Paneer with corn is an odd combination as both have mild flavors. This dish was little disappointing.

Paneer Corn Seekh Kebab
3.Chicken Lapeta – The much talked about dish. You have to try it yourself, as no description can do justice to it. #Yummilicious # HighlyRecommended #Must try.

Chicken Lapeta

(3) Mains.
1. Chicken Pot Pie – It’s one of their special items. I was expecting it to be in a pot as the name says Pot Pie but its served in a dish. Chicken cooked in white sauce with bell peppers and spices and served with herbed rice. #HighlyRecommended

Chicken Pot Pie
2. Chicken Triple Rice – As the name suggests,three elements served as one single dish. Crispy noodles,rice and egg. Honestly,i’ve had better triple rice. Didn’t like it much.

Chicken Triple Rice
3. Chicken Lasagna – I haven’t had lasagna before. Layers of Lasagna sheets and shredded chicken and topped with mozzarella cheese this dish was toothsome. #Recommended

Chicken Lasagna
(4) Dessert.
For dessert i had the Fried Ice Cream – Deep frozen vanilla coated with crunchy chocos was something i tried for the very first time. #Yummilicious.

Fried Ice Cream

The food is reasonably priced. The quality,quantity and price go hand in hand.

Thanks to Mr. Rahul Verma for inviting me and for being such an amazing host.

Rooftop Seating Area

Indoor Area



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