Restaurant Review:Siddha’s Cafe. Salunkhe Vihaar. 


Siddha means the Perfect one. Mr.Vaneet Bhalla sent me an invitation for a tasting session. This place is a newbie and is away from the hustle and bustle. Siddhas is a place for vegetarians.

They have many different books,games,musical corner,art corner and also WIFI. So if you are the one who likes to enjoy your food along with some good book then this is the place to be. They also have a laptop zone with charging points every where.

This place is blessed with natural light. They have an open area seating too. Also this place is kid friendly. They have many different games for them.

So coming to food


1) Kala Khatta – So we all know what Kala Khatta is. This one took me back to my childhood days. I still remember having chuski. #Nostalgia #Childhooddays

2) Golden Glow – This drink is a blend of 2 syrups and ice cream with soda. I’d not say it was the best but yes it was good.

3) Oreo Shake- I’d call this one a chocolatey delight! This was mix of milk and oreo crush.

4) Jeera Soda – A mixture of jeera masala and soda. Fizzy drink. This is a classic drink and was quite refreshing!


1) Tandoori Momos – You’ll hardly find this dish in Pune. These are basically veg momos made from finely chopped vegetables and marinated in Tandoori Masala.

2) Cheese Burst Bombs – The covering is made from garlic and schezwan mix and are stuffed with loads of cheese and served with spicy mayo dip.

3) Grilled Vegetables Brushchetta – Cottage cheese,bell peppers and cheese on a flat bread served with tomato sauce. This one needs a little improvement. Don’t expect it to be the authentic one.


1) White Sauce Pasta – This one was my personal favorite. Loaded with veggies like zucchini,bell peppers and olives. This pasta was a winner. It was just perfect. Nice creamy sauce with al dante penne.They also have 2 options in this.

a) With vegetables and

b) Plain pasta(without veggies)
2) Mushroom Masala – This one is for mushroom lovers! Mushrooms sauteed with bhuna masala was an absolute delight.

3) Veg Biryani – This one was a star. I being a vegetarian dont prefer having veg biryani. I always opt for chicken biryani but this one won my heart. Loved it. #Mypersonalfavourite #Yummilicious

4) Tawa Chaap – Made from soya chunks. It gives you a meaty taste. Perfect for non vegetarians. And mind u both the dishes tasted different unlike other places who just change the main ingredient and keep the basic masala same. This was a decent dish.


1) Death By Chocolate – This was indeed death by chocolate. A combination of Chocolate ice cream with chocolate shavings on top and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. #HighlyRecommended

2) Fruit Salad – Not to be mistaken by the regular fruit salad. This dessert is a combination of Vanilla ice cream, fresh fruits,tutti frutti and mango jam. This is served in a tall glass. I licked down everything.

This place is known for its serenity. So if you want to spend some quality time then Siddhas is the place for you.
Thanks to Mr.Vaneet Bhalla for hosting us.


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