Restaurant Review: Cafe Toons. M.G. Road. Camp

CAFE TOONS – Burger Fest ( 14th October 2016- 23rd October 2016)

Maanas Shah extended an invite to me for a tasting session at Cafe Toons.

Cafe Toons initially started off as a fast food joint but as years passed by they started serving alcoholic beverages as well. Here the beer continues to flow and rock is still the religion with classic music.

This place has a very lively ambience with electrifying music and how can someone miss their graffiti work done all over the walls? It definitely sets up the perfect ambience!

All the burgers served at the fest are named after a rock track since the place is known for playing all the popular classic rock numbers. So if you are a burger fan who also happens to enjoy a drink or two,then this is the place for you.

So what all did i have?

The Burger Fest includes 5 vegetarian burgers and 8 non vegetarian burgers. They also have a few combos and mocktails.


1) Blue Lagoon – Made from Curacao,lemon juice,sugar and soda this drink was an absolute delight.

2) Lychee Sunrise – Yet another refreshing drink which tasted more like a strawberry lemonade.

1) Cee Tee- One must try this one for a meaty affair. Made from chicken steak with chesse and fried egg,served with Chipotle mayo and Slaw. Also known as their House Special.
2) The Bohemian Rhapsody – Its their all time classic burger with ground lamb combined with caramelized onions served with sides like pickled veggies and Southern sauce. Also known as Sloppy Joe.
3) The Thriller – Fiery hot,green,black and red pepper with grilled chicken served with Chive sauce and hot sweet onions. Also know as their 3 pepper Chicken. This one was flavorful.
4) Sliders – So u get a choice in this one. These are miniature burgers. Since we wanted to try different ones,we ordered Chicken,lamb and fish. This one is for the ones who want to taste different ones at the same time.
5) Hotel California – If you are the one who enjoys strong flavors,then this one is perfect for you. It has very pungent flavors. Miso infused,grilled River sole with crisp Kimchi and Wasabi Mayo. Also known as Miso Glazed Fish Burger.
6) Ace Of Spades – A friend had ordered it and he said it was Drunken Chicken with Cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheese,served with a shot of JD BBQ Sauce and Buttered veggies. While he had the JD’s Burger,i savoured the Veggies.
7) The Californication – Yes. Mustard marinated River Sole,double crumbed and served with Salsa,Bell Peppers and a Jalapeno relish.
8) The Sandman – Pulled Lamb cooked in Teriyaki style served with Asian Slaw and Crackers was definitely melt in the mouth scrumptious.

1) Paradise City – This one is a Thai Burger. Made from Corn,Spinach and Cheese,marinated in Thai herbs,served with Thai mayo and a Kimchi Dip. Recommended for vegetarians.
All their burgers are served with fries and are reasonably priced.

So head to Cafe Toons and indulge in some serious binge eating at the burger fest!



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