Restaurant Review: Tales & Spirits. Senapati Bapat Road.

TALES AND SPIRITS – Sadly i don’t have a pleasant TALE to share   😦
This place is a little over hyped. I went here to have lunch and was quite disappointed.
The glasses were kept empty  on the table. On requesting them they gave me a glass full of water.
Coming to food –
1) Jalapeno and Mozzarella Cigars – This dish is one of  their much talked about dishes. These are like Cheese Nuggets with Jalapenos. I found them bland for my taste. Little seasoning would have made it much better.
2) Pasta Alfredo – I found the pasta to be dry. There was very less white sauce. Thus,another disappointment.
3) For mocktails i had a Jupiter Fizz and Safe Sex on the Beach. Both the mocktails were at room temperature. Now aren’t mocktails supposed to be chilled??
4) And for dessert i had their Red Velvet Revolution. This was the only thing that i liked. This is definitely different from the other Red Velvet Cakes i’ve had.
I am not sure if this place is value for money.
In all it was an OK experience



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