Restaurant Review: Farzi Cafe. Kalyani Nagar 


Yet another one from the Kalra family. A modern Indian bistro which serves simple dishes with a twist.

Farzi Café sent me an invitation for sampling their cuisine.

I am totally in love with this place. This place is beyond expectations. If you want to experience a fine dining experience then this is the place for you. This place has quirky interiors with absolutely comfy seating area. This place is classy and is a perfect place for a date!


They have a fancy menu and two bars for mocktails and cocktails. The staff is courteous and know each and every item on the menu and also explain you what you should go with,according to your preferences.
And the Farzification began with

1)  Farzi OK – Made from orange juice and kaffir lime with vanilla. To balance all the flavors they added a few drops of lime juice to it. It was a refreshing drink.

2) Litchi Panna Desire – A great combination of litchi juice and aam panna with chaat masala to it. To give it that magical taste they added lime juice and kaffir lime to it. #HighlyRecommended #Mypersonalfavourite

3) Strawberry lemonade – It tasted just like any other regular strawberry drink.
My personal favorite from the above mentioned is Litchi Panna Desire   😍

Amuse Bouche – These are Mishti Doi shots topped with strawberry compote and caraway seeds. A very unique way of serving the regular yoghurt. These are basically given in the form of shots and are given to everyone who visits the restaurant. They start serving the meal by serving this first. Just like welcome drink. Welcome shots (Very innovative)


1)  Dal Chawal Arancini – These are made from Dal Chawal but with a different twist to it. Its crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Its garnished with dal(fried) and papad and just to give it that extra edge served it along with achari mayo and mint chutney. These balls are served on a salsa base. This is one of their hot sellers. No wonder i liked it so much.
2) Mac n Cheese Pakoda – These pakodas have really mild flavor. They are served with some chips and just to balance the flavor served with a spicy dip. They are nice and gooey. It’s a perfect dish for kids.

3) Mini Raj Kachori – These are mini kachoris stuffed with pumpkins,sweet yoghurt and topped with saunth chutney foam and green chutney. The kachoris are fully covered with the foam. They’ve also added another element to this dish. That is the crispy Okra salad. A salad made from crispy  fried Okra with some sev and pomegranate.

4) Tandoori Margarita Kulcha – These kulchas are served with loads and loads of cheese and garnished with bloody mary ketchup. It has that perfect flavor of margarita to it. #HighlyRecommended

5) Fish n Chips with Desi Ghee Hollandaise – Battered fish fillets fried until golden brown served with some seasoned chips and very mild yet amazing dip made from Desi Ghee. Perfect for fish lovers. #Crispy #HighlyRecommended

6) Butter Chicken Buns – Soft buns which resemble idlis,filled with a thick, creamy filling of butter chicken. I loved the way it was presented. It came in a Dimsum basket. #Recommended.


7) Pinenuts and Scallion Puduyaki – These are basically rice balls which are served with mint,tomato and coconut chutney and parmesan cheese(a crunchy sheet of parmesan used for garnishing),sprinkled with some gun powder is just another super hit.
PALATE CLEANSER – The palate cleanser directly took me back to my childhood days. Cute smiley shaped lollipops generally given to people who wish to have mains. These are presented on a tree like structure.




1)Chicken Tikka Masala(CTM) and Cheese Naan – The gravy was cooked along with chicken for a long time so that it absorbs the flavors. It was nice and creamy. Just as it should be. The gravy was going well with the naan. The cheese naan perfectly complimented the CTM
2) Asparagus and Waterchestnut Appam – They have three options in this

a) Veg



I was given the veg one. It’s a traditional South Indian crépé. It’s served with a savory filling. Its shape is like a bowl. The savory filling is made from tomatoes,onions,asparagus and waterchestnuts. To compliment the crépé there are 2 different chutneys on the side with some gun powder sprinkled on top. #TheStar #Myfavourite #HighlyRecommended #Repeatdish

3) Spaghetti Aglio E Olio – Spaghetti made in rich coconut milk and topped with tamatar kut is a magic created by the chef. The tamatar ka kut (spicy) goes really well with the mild flavor of the spaghetti.



1)Parle G Cheesecake -Served with rabdi this cheesecake is in the form of a sandwich. Cheesecake swimming in Rabdi with gems all around was a beautiful dish. Soft cheesecake with Parle G biscuits gave it the right crunch.

2) Rasmalai Tres Leches – Three types of milk,carrot cream and rose petal net. The Rasmalai was dressed with pistachios and almonds. The rose petal net made from caramelized sugar added to the taste and presentation of the dish.

3) Bailey’s Lollipops – Presented on a tree like structure,these are chocolate lollipops filled with Bailey’s Cream,served on satay sticks.

4)Chocolate Dirt Pile – Served in a wooden bowl with vanilla ice cream,chocolate,nuts and crisp rice is a dish to die for. Its served with chocolate sauce for the extra edge and enhance the overall flavors of the dish.

And the complimentary Candy Floss Paan – Don’t be mistaken by the regular Paan. It’s a paan which looks like a Gujiya or Karanji,filled with chopped pistachios. They literally melt in your mouth giving you mild flavor of Paan. A perfect ending to the meal.
Thanks to Chef Durgesh. He is a very sweet person. He himself came to our assistance and explained us about the different dishes. Thanks to Mr.Shahbaz and the whole team of Farzi Cafe for being such amazing hosts and giving me a chance to get Farzified!

Definitely visiting this place again



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