LSD-Love Sugar Dough. Shivaji Nagar.

This place is superbly done. The interiors are quite fancy. Girly interiors would be the right word.
Now coming to food :

1) Blueberry cheesecake [100rs]- The cake was absolutely yummy. The proportion of sweetness was just right. The blueberry compote on top was rich in flavor.
2)Chocolate Macarons [30rs]- I can simply call this one chocolate heaven. The moment i had a bite of it there was a blast of chocolate in my mouth. #yumyum #delicious #sinful
3)Hazelnut Mousse Cake [100]- Rich chocolaty mousse with bits of hazelnut and topped with chocolate was simply scrumptious.
4)Mini cupcakes[20rs]- This one disappointed me a bit. Some how i did not like the cupcake. All their icing is done with butter icing.
All in all this place is definitely worth each and every penny u spend and the prices are comparatively low. Service is quick. Staff is very polite.
Had a good experience! Looking forward to have their other items


Blueberry cheesecake

Hazelnut mousse cake


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